7 Ways To Get Inspiration For Web Design

Design ideas come in various forms and lengths. The ideal type of motivation will always enable you to come up with innovative and one-of-a-kind project ideas. However, becoming motivated may be difficult at times. There are many reasons why you may get…

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4 Practical Tips To Get More Shares For Your Blog

A blog may serve many purposes: from being your personal online diary, to a digital portfolio for freelance work. But perhaps its most important function is to help you make money. Whether you’re using it to sell a product or a service…

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Work Social Media Like Successful Millennials in 2016

What makes millennials so good with social media? Are they using special strategies to win over their fans and followers? Andrew Bachelor for instance, has over 14 million Followers on Vine and about 717,000 subscribers on his official YouTube channel. That’s more…

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3 Pointers To Win Over Facebook For The Holidays

With the Holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to begin attracting customers than TODAY. If you weren’t able to plan your marketing strategy as early as August, then November is already late. But as they say: better that than never, right?…

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Top 6 Tips to Increase Your Website Speed Today

Time is literally money these days. For each second that you make your customers wait, you lose a possible sale, which could add up to your annual revenue. According to KISSmetrics, a one second delay could cost an e-commerce site $2.5 million…

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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Focused?

We’re all familiar with content marketing and how important it is in today’s digital marketing environment. It’s what most businesses – big or small – now depend on to get their products/services out there. In the saturated world of news, trends, and…

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