5 reasons why your SEO campaign doesn’t work

5 reasons why your SEO campaign doesn’t work

Search Engine Optimization is considered to be as the finest form of online marketing nowadays.  If you want to keep pace with your competitors, you should start your own SEO campaign and build a better online presence for your business. However, there are certain cases where webmasters failed to achieve the desired results from their SEO campaign and all their efforts doesn’t seemed to work.

There are actually several  reasons why SEO campaign doesn’t perform and deliver the expected results at times:

1. You have set the wrong goals – Many webmasters have set the wrong goals in their seo campaign. Instead of starting from a more targeted keyphrases they started off optimizing their websites from competitive keywords. Never expect that major search engines like Google will put your website on top of their list for competitive keywords if your site doesn’t have many high ranking pages. If you want result from your SEO campaign, you should start from a less competitive keywords. Your website will surely get more high rankings from keywords with higher competition if you first get high rankings from keywords with lower competition.

2. You never take your SEO campaign seriously – Time and again, search engine optimization is not an overnight success. It takes a lot of time and effort before you achieve the expected results. SEO campaign is not a one time type of business promotion, but instead it takes a lot of time and effort working with your site before it gives you success. There are a lot of SEO tools that can help you save time and effort optimizing your site.

3. You employed the wrong strategy- Some webmasters focus on the wrong elements in optimizing their websites. They sometimes get obsessed on the length of their title tags. In SEO campaign, it’s not always preferred to follow the latest trend in the search engine optimization. These trends might work to other websites but not to your site. The most effective strategy to get your site listed in the major search engine results is to optimize your site with good backlinks and by creating good content.

4. Wrong choice of keywords – this is the most common mistake committed by webmasters in their SEO campaign. A successful SEO campaign should start from choosing the right keywords for your website. It doesn’t matter if your keywords has thousands of searches because whats important is that it delivers targeted visitors to your sites. Your SEO campaign would be a big waste of time, money and effort if you choose the wrong keyword  to optimize your website.

5. You get the wrong links for your site- many webmasters want fast results in their SEO campaign  by getting bad links from various link building schemes. Instead of having their sites listed in the first page results , they end up having trouble with major search engines and worst their sites were get banned forever. Again, optimizing your site with good backlinks is the best way to get high rankings on Google and other major search engines.

If done the right way, Search engine optimization can bring unimaginable success to your business but if done the other way around it can also put down your business.

Al Gomez

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