Add Widget on Google Analytics for Real Time Data Analysis

add widget on google analytics

Google never gets tired of helping webmasters out. It keeps on giving out tools that will help every SEO campaign in different perspective. A new widget was added on its Google Analytics. It will allow you to add widget on Google Analytics your dashboards to see real time data analysis.

Setting up a real time widget is pretty easy:

• Just Go to your “My Dashboard”

• Click the +Add Widget menu option in the Google-Analytics dashboard

Add widget

The image above showed a timeline of visitors but actually you can also choose counter, GEOMAP and table.

new visit widget

(For example: For the above below it wanted to show the real-time data about new visits and you can actually add another metric to compare. You can also add filter to cater a customize report.)

Available metrics it can show:

• % Exit
• %of Initial Audience Retained
• %New Visits
• % Search Exits
• %Search Refinements
• Abandoned Funnels
• Actions Per Social Visit
• Ad Plays
• AdSense Ad Units Viewed
• Average Value
• Bounce Rate
• Total Unique Searches
• Unique Social Actions
• Avg. Document Content Loaded Time (sec)
• Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec)
• Avg. Page Download Time (sec)
• And many more

It can show needed data for Online marketing development, like data needed for SEO , for Adsense, for E-commerce, for Social media monitoring and for knowing about User Experience (UX).

Real-time Options:

Counter– it will represent the exact number of visitors or active in your site. It is divided in to two categories: referral and organic.

Timeline– it is a graph form that will show the visitors of the website in the past 30 minutes (such as above image from alseoblog analytics).

Table– it will show a tabular form of visitors with the traffic source types, page title, and active viewers. It’s not from my site but it will at least give you an idea.

active visitors

Geomap– will show where your visitors are coming from across the world.

All of this will be bounded by the settings and information you will be included below. At each drop down boxes you will be given choice. So, choose the appropriate option to generate the best possible results and your needed information.

You can also combine all this widgets and get a panoramic view of your visitors. You can see a result like this on your Google Analytic Account:

Combining of Widgets:
combining widgets

Why is this important?

Real time analysis is simply great to correct any mishap instantaneously. You don’t have to wait before Google finds it out. You can see clearly any unusual activity in the site and take appropriate action before time lapses. At a random check you will have an idea of how the site performs in a specific time period. It will allow you to adjust your strategies to maximize any potential opportunity in the time when website doesn’t perform well.

Also, it will give you insights where your visitors are coming from so you can capitalize on strategies that will allow you to gain more traffic whether it is through referrals or organic.

Such that Google has granular penalty, it also gave us reason to view every aspect of the campaign, perhaps, from time to time. Activities in the site should be properly watched over because at any moment you can see any changes that may affect your organic rankings, traffic and conversion rates.

Have you tried using it? Share your experiences below.

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