Does AdSense affect Site’s Ranking in Google?

Myths are generally known as not true for they are merely the result of belief which has been adapted from one generation to another, but sometimes, it causes deception as others believe it to be part of real life. And ironically, the belief that the AdSense affects the site’s ranking in Google has served as one proof to that as some webmasters consider it as true while others do not. It is the reason why this is one important matter that needs to be clarified so as to avoid having wrong presumptions.

How Does Google take the Matter?

Google provided an answer to the given question, specifically, by stating that having an AdSense or participating on such will not affect site’s position in Google search results. However, it was further added that the team strongly believes in freedom of expression and, therefore, they offer broad access to content across the web. And this is the entire statement they have made:

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It only shows that adding the AdSense code basically does not affect your site rankings or Google will not prioritize you, but, instead, they have an algorithm technology for that which makes it fair when it comes to indexing your site. AdSense is basically helpful in your website to get extra earnings wherein when there is someone click on the ads displayed on your website, and yet, Google will pay you back based on clicks or impressions and on the type of the ad. 

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Al’s Corner:

The fact is that participating in AdSense is not truly affecting the site’s position on Google’s search results. How did I found the truth? Basically, this one is based on experience. I have an AdSense account but I temporarily suspend my account for the reason that I received the following:


And with that accidental and minor error which I make my account to be temporarily suspended I have proved that AdSense does not affect my site’s position in Google since my keywords are still ranking like:

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search engine expert #2
seo expert #7
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Nevertheless, the lesson I got from using it is that to have good ranking on Google search results, you should have effective SEO strategies – those which are ethical or following the webmaster guidelines and the ones which meet the demand of the users. In other words, shifting to the modern SEO is the key both for survival and development over the current trends and updates.

Congruent thereto, you should likewise bear in mind that visibility in the search engine always matters; however, you also have to consider that you should have a goal or purpose first as to why you want to place a high rank on the search engine so you can have a guide on what best strategy to apply. It is just like saying that your goal defines what tools you have to use in efficiently achieving it.

Simple Recommendations to Get Higher Rank on Search Results:

Do not rely on myths; Be Realistic! – although there is a possibility of having good result in what others believe to be effective or has effect on ranking such as the AdSense, but then relying on which would never give you any assurance both for safety and effectiveness. You should always investigate the matter first before the deception or myth will lead your site to penalty. And yet, being realistic is by searching for and applying the right strategies which have already been proven to boost the site’s ranking on search results.

Plan Your Strategies to Make the Process Safe and Effective – if your SEO strategies are well-planned, you really have the security in achieving your goal at the right time yet without violating the guidelines. Your plan here is dependent on the priorities you have set, but one thing which you should not take for granted in the entire process is to connect every strategy to your purpose or goal; otherwise, no matter how good and realistic your plan is, it would still not help in making your vision a reality.

Learn from Yours or Others’ Mistakes in SEO – knowing your faults or the mistakes that others have done before is quite beneficial for you will be properly guided in avoiding committing them again. It will also serve as your basis in formulating new strategies that are required by the current updates or guidelines.

Never Ever Deviate from the Rules – it is very basic, yet if you do not follow what the search engine requires, then you can never expect that your strategies will make your site place on top; instead, your violation may only cause it to fall down or be lost from the search results.

There is really no shortcut in having higher ranking in search results for you have to continuously work for it by meeting the demands of Google and the users who always seek for the best search experience in the web. Thus, success in SEO is not a myth if you are fully equipped with the right strategies which can give you confidence as to your site’s safety for the updates and advantage over your competitors.

Always believe on what you can do to achieve what you think… Share your inner thoughts about AdSense with me!

Insights? Or have some experiences to share? Share it below.

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