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Nice Blog! Good Post! Great! Have you seen stuffs like this in your blog? If so, you are victimized by comment spammers. It isn’t really your fault because spammers can be everywhere waiting for your unguarded time. However, it will be your fault if you can’t learn from it and get rid of these spams.

Comments spams are random, useless, unvalued comments purposely made to create backlinks. Using a generic name with a link, it will be posted in the comment boxes. Spam is not tolerated by Google as there have been strict campaigns fighting it in which punishments will be given to spammed blog sites. Spam is an effort to create artificial ranking results for the site of the poster but it will harm the website owner who made the blog a credible reference of information. The exploited website will be included in the bunch of nonsense blogs.

Spam Comments caught by Akismet

Spam has been a way of unethical SEO yet it can be prevented. In WordPress, you can create a wall that will protect your blog from comment spam. There are lots of built in tools, defense plug-ins, and methods to utilize in having a protected WordPress blog. Some known methods include:

wordpress spam protection

These are manual techniques to maintain a spam free blog. However, spammers also create their own strategies and they might get off this trap. WordPress provide an effective plugin for spam protection. Akismet is an automated tool that will determine, comment spam out of your website. Akismet features the following services:

Comment History- it will show you comments that have been tagged as spam.

Highlighted Links- Akismet will highlight links to reveal hidden and misleading link.

Determine Users- There can be one user for many comments. Akismet will let you identify user-approved comments rates.

Reports- Akismet will show reports for both spam and unspam comments. It will be useful in getting accurate spam-unspam comment rates.

Generally, these are the functions of Akismet. However, it didn’t stop there. It continuous to innovate not to let a single comment spam skip through them. Version 2.5.7 was launched to create solutions for minor bugs and some proactive measures against spam protection:

akismet 2.5.7

How Akismet Is Doing So Far?

spam caught by akismet 2012

In 2012 it was estimated that Akismet has eliminated more than 65 billion comment spams and over 25 billion spam content were sent to trash. However, comment spam tends to increase compared to previous years. An average of 120 million comment spam per day will hurt the World Wide Web and will not exempt your website.

Spamming will increase in compromised, Wiki and forum sites. Aside from that the abused of affiliate or referral programs of credible websites to create a free blog or site are used to spam the internet. Luckily, Akismet is present to combat these free spam sites. It is even refined to cope with changes in spamming methods employed by black hat SEO.

Akismet plug-ins in WordPress hosted blog sites are easy to get and use. For personal and commercial use you can grab a free API key or a commercial API key. To enable it you just have go to Plugins panel and activate the Plugin, get a plan and the API key. It will be activated and you’ll see a menu added to comments panel that will hold “caught” comments.

When your website has been spammed it’s never too late to get rid of comment spam and get back to the track of healthy competition in terms of having a spam free blog site. The fight against spammers is a long standing journey for SEO; WordPress may have been successful in kicking them out of WordPress blog.

Actually, everyday in this SEO Blog site I can find lots of spam comments caught by Akismet and I am thankful for that since it can help me boost my SEO which is why I share this tool here, hope this one can be helpful to your websites.

What is your experience? Share it below.

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