What is Unnatural Link and How to Avoid It?

avoiding unnatural links
unnatural link

Unnatural or artificial links have been the main issue of the Google’s warning to the webmasters who are utilizing unethical or illegal strategies such as buying prohibited links and participating in unwise links to manipulate the page rank. And on my previous post on unnatural link warning last July 20 it was cited that Google sent same link notice message but now this is a different issue where in after you submit a reconsideration here you’ll see that they cited an example.

This had, apparently, threatened the webmasters or website owners who might have been thrown in an unfavorable situation wherein the trusts of their clients are gravely at stake not only because of the possible diminution of their rank, but also of the foreseeable deterioration of their reputation.

This is undeniably a critical matter that needs a thorough examination to formulate strategic resolution therefore and, ultimately, to combat the fear for penalty or bankruptcy of your business. Nevertheless, nothing could be done not unless the main problem is completely understood. Hence, the question thereto is what is really meant by “unnatural or artificial” in the terminologies of Google? It is definitely an ambiguous term expressed in a non-categorical language.

At the outset, it appears to be inexplicit for the webmasters who did not directly understand the meaning of the said technical word and the implication of the unexpected warning. There were even instances when the SEO masters submitted their reconsideration requests, but it seemed so useless when, in the second attempt, they received the same information previously given.

Nevertheless, it is fortunate that, eventually, the issue was clarified when the Google provided certain examples of pages that contain unnatural links. This has then paved the way for a comprehensive understanding of the whole problem, and after which, a number of helpful updates for the resolution thereof have already invaded the virtual market.

Google sent an unnatural link notice for the second time but with example:

Unnatural Link Notice with Example
Straight from the Big G

And one of the greatest examples of inorganic link:

forum link
In Forum Link

Explicitly, an unnatural or artificial link can in itself be directly understood; it is the kind of link which is prohibited by Google because it is illegally used to manipulate the page ranking. And how such kind of link is done or included in the page? The following is what you should be seriously noted about the techniques employed in artificial link building:

• Keyword anchor-text only links – this is an eminent way for most builders to increase their rank; it is done by building a lot of links with keyword or phrase. Apparently, with thousands of links built in a particular keyword, the Google can’t detect that such a link included therein is unnatural. The following are the common mixtures which are being linked on a specific site: (1) Business name or website as anchor text, (2) URL (http://domain.com) with no anchor text, (3) domain (domain.com) having no anchor text, and (4) word website as an anchor text.

• Creating Social Profiles for Links – there are services offered like the KnowEm that serves as an instant means to create more than one hundred (100) social networking profiles, and that majority of which allows one to link back to the website. This strategy, however, has been noted as not good at all, especially when the sites built are not being used.

• Buying Links – it should be stressed that Google desires the links to be recognized or placed not because they were paid for such, but because the site creator or webmaster proposed the website which they would be linking to. And, apparently, with such reason, it’s unnatural for it was built not through one’s natural effort, but through the payment of money.

• Instant Directory Links – it is common for site builders to easily get links from directories without knowing that such technique is not favorable at all, especially when it would result to the linking on negative links such as those to online gambling, adult websites, and many others.

• Spinning Content – artificial content is likewise a grave error of many builders believing that quantity can override quality. But fact is when the spanned articles are submitted to the directories, it creates not a valuable link, but a very low quality one. Hence, on the contrary, it is better to have a small number yet the quality is assured rather than to have many that assures nothing but failure.

• Blogroll and Footer Links – this is said to be good if a builder is creating links to a relevant site and that he is seeking for sufficient or more traffics. Nevertheless, on the other side, they are of less value because they are commonly the last links in a particular code. Hence, as a result, there is also lesser chance for the visitors or search engines to notice or see them. The reason why if you’re employing such olden tactic, it’s time to change or improve it now with new and effective strategies.

• Blog Commenting for Links – if you are utilizing the blog commenting software, then you are really using an illegal strategy. It is considered as one form of spamming to build quickly, thus, appears to be a deception. This could certainly hit the builder’s reputation if the clients or other SEO masters detect such an unethical practice.

• Generic Link Exchange or Resource Pages – this may be helpful, in one way or another, for when a builder got onto this type of page, the site itself will automatically add his link in trade of link back to the builder’s website. However, the disadvantage is that it is not efficient to use for it does not ensure uniformity of the site in having one subject therein. For instance, there may be a case when the lawyer’s site is being linked to the house decorations’ page.

• Mass Social Bookmarking Submissions – this may be cheap and easy to utilize as a strategy for link building, but its networks could be unmoderated, which means that anyone is free to link therein without being filtered from unwanted elements or links.

• Always and Only Going after Dofollow Links – this is tagged as an obsolete strategy in SEO for it’s all about having keyword-based anchor text, and as a consequence, would imply an unfavorable impression to the profile in the backlink.

The said techniques may not already be new to the expert link builders and, presumably, they may still be using some, if not most, of them. Nonetheless, with the current issue about such tactics employed, it is apparent that there are still who are wondering about the alternatives to utilize in improving and avoiding the hassle of unnatural or artificial links. Thus, as a solution therefore, the following amicable and effective options are also provided respectively:

• Mix Keyword and Branded Anchor Text – keyword anchor text is not enough or sufficient for the effective link building; it may be improved through its integration with the branded anchor text that would appear so natural when visitors would like to link a content therein. Likewise, it is also favorable to seek for other websites that could link to others by just using a domain, and never detach them from the list of other considerable links even if they do not use anchor text.

• Create and Use Social Profiles – the mere creation of profile is just but useless when they are not used, or if being used, the utilization is inefficient. Thus, it is necessary to spend time to concentrate on making profiles on the rising social networks which can connect you to your target audience; thus, increasing the service to the clients.

• Search for Top and Relevant Websites and Send Intelligent and Humble Requests – this is undeniably the best option in avoiding buying links which is an unnatural practice. Having it done, however, is not easy; you need to develop a rapport by creating a good content which may serve as motivation to the prospected website. In simple term, this is some kind of trade or exchange with other sites, and thus, helpful for the safety and stability of your service.

• Aim for Human-Edited Directories – it is worthy to note that the tougher to enter in the directory, the better it is for the efficient building. Why is that so? Because when the process of approval takes a long time, which can directly mean that a builder is evaluating the submitted items to ensure relevance and quality. Hence, if such could be perceived by the clients that would mean a lot to the reputation of the company, and could also be a good way for the avoidance of possible penalty.

• Link In-Content – this is also one effective strategy to avoid having unrelevant contents being linked to your site. Moreover, it can also maintain the quality of the content of the site since all items therein are safeguarded. However, it is one efficient tactic to encourage other well-known bloggers to link in the content so there will be a greater chance that your service or company will get noticed.

Create Unique and Quality Content – submitting or posting low-quality content may be a waste of time for it does not appeal to the visitors; hence, creating a unique and quality articles is an effective technique to increase the reliability and readership of the website. Specifically, unique and quality as here used is that which can immediately catch the attention of target audience and can motivate other bloggers to link in the content.

Blog Commenting for Authority – it is one best means for a blogger or link builder to create a wide avenue for online marketing. In this strategy also that a blogger would be able to know the preference of its target audience and their feedback about the product or service being marketed. Yet, the friendly and helpful comments could also develop a strong relationship between the blogger and his clients, and thus, making new opportunity for the growth of the business.

• Partner with Relevant Websites – if there are other websites that can be classified within the same industry as yours, then it is favorable to tie-up with them so as to widen the sphere of your market and/or audience, and therefore, creating huge possibility that other builders would refer your site to their clients who may, in turn, have your service or patronize the product you are marketing.

Submit Your Link to Top Social Bookmarking Websites – when you submit to the top or eminent social bookmarking websites, you can be certain that there is a greater possibility that your link will be noticed by a number of visitors surfing therein. Nonetheless, quality content is still necessary so that when a visitor clicks your link, he would not regret spending time reading the whole article and familiarizing your website, and that can be a way for high traffic.

Don’t Mind Dofollow or Nofollow Links – it is not an effective strategy to pay attention to such kind of links; hence, it is better to aim at making your links put in the right place that would induce more clicks so as to increase your rankings.

Indeed, in every problem, there is a corresponding solution, or when there are “blacks” that have stained the purity of SEO business, there are also “whites” that could erase or eliminate the dark marks of Google’s warning about unnatural links.

Ultimately, the said technical warning should serve as our main guide to correct our wrong beliefs and practices in link building. And to begin anew, we should build the trusts of our clients naturally as they have not given their loyalty artificially.


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