Online Marketing Facts for B2B & B2C (Infographic)

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B2B & B2C FactsBeing in the online marketing world I also asked myself if what can be best if you meet B2C and B2B companies. And therefore I do a lot of searches, and I have seen that although this 2 segments have differences but in a point on how they are going to pursue their goals, I’ve found that they have similar strategy in line with online marketing. And that’s why I decided to create an infographic based on my searches over the web, thanks for the sources that shared the results of their surveys. I’ve found an interesting topic to talk about and after gathering the data; it seems that SEO is not only effective for B2C companies, but also to B2B companies.

And see it below, the facts that I’ve gathered from various websites that have surveys about about B2B and B2C online marketing.

B2B and B2C Online Marketing facts

Differences. Above you will see the differences of B2B from a B2C company, where in Business to Business is actually relationship driven while Business to consumer is more on product or services driven. B2B has smaller market and has more specialized needs compared to a B2C that has larger target market. In B2C, brand identity is important which is created through repetition and imagery while for B2B relationship and reputation are essential.

Alike. In terms of lead generation according to webmarketing123 State of Digital Marketing for 2012 reported that about 59% of B2B marketers said that SEO contributed the most on their lead generation and 49% of B2C marketers shared the same about search engine optimization. It only shows that both have similarities in terms of the strategy on pursuing their goals.

Best Social Media Platform. When it comes to social media you will see that B2B and B2C marketers don’t ignore its power. And actually you will see that 65% of B2B marketers said that they gain clients through their LinkedIn accounts (connecting professionals and businesses) while for B2C the leading platform for lead generation is Facebook (branding can be done best here since you can maximize the use of images and videos) wherein 77% of B2C companies gain customers through Facebook, this data is based on Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing, March 2012.

Valuable Content Creation. You will see also in the facts that blogging can also be of great help in terms of lead generation where in blogging attracts 55% more visitors than those who do not. It is essential that content being shared is unique and valuable not only for the eye of search engines but of course for the end users, since they are your prospects.

It only shows that in online marketing in both segment you will see that most agree on using SEO plus valuable content creation through blogging plus social media as the effective strategies for B2B and B2C online marketing.

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