Beware Fake Page Rank Still Exists

ast week I have received an email invitation for a Guest post but the sad thing is that you are going to pay when you decided to guest post. Although I don’t believe in this kind of scheme and I have no plan to guest blog on those kinds of sites, but I was interested because there was a list of blogs and on its right side the PR or page rank. I was actually surprised when I saw the PageRank where in it is ranging from PR 6 to 3 but you can tell that there is something wrong with the sites. And this is the reason why I wanted to share this post to you.

And then when I opened all the sites, although they have higher page rank like PR 6 but you cannot see the value of the site, since when you are going to see its template seems that some have the similar blog templates.

How to know if a site has fake Page Rank?

There are various ways of validating a Page Rank. Before falling in to a trap of guest posting, you need to check the websites with the following ways:

1. Using the info:domain[dot]com

This is actually the simplest way of checking. You will know that it has a fake Page Rank if you can see it is revealing a different URL or domain or page. But on this case, seems that they know how to manipulate the PageRank even in Google search. Since when I use this way in checking, I haven’t found any differences. So, I look for other options.

2. Checking Page Rank Using tools

Sometimes when you search on Google for fake page rank checker. You can find lots of online tools, but again in my experience with the site being sent to me, seems that they truly knows how to manipulate the PageRank , since when you are going to check for it, it will just present that the PR is Valid.

Again, there is a need to go for another option, since using fake page rank checker is not useful.

3.Checking using Opensite Explorer

When you are going to check the domain just like the info search operator, you will find out that it is redirecting to other URL or saying this one:

“We found this URL redirects to another URL. Would you like to see data for that URL instead?”

The next one would be validating through its Page and Domain Authority just like what I found out on the listed sites:

• For example on the site having the PR 6 , it has only Page Authority of 29, Domain Authority of 20 which is truly far when you check other sites having Page Rank 6. (Even using my site having PR 3, it has already a 45 PA and a 34 DA, so you can find that there is truly something wrong with the PageRank.

• Comparing other website metrics such as above mentioned DA and PA is also beneficial because when the website falls short below the average DA/PA of other websites having the same PR, you can tell if the PR is real or not.

4. Check the website’s information and use logic. For example, upon checking the information of the website through, you can see this:

checking through whois

The site is not polar to major search engine, it’s not too old; it’s not even listed in legitimate directory list. How come a website with no inbound links and considerably young can gain a high PR such as 7 or 6. Another thing is, if the websites got high PR it must have lots of traffics. When you think that information of the website does not match its PR, you can conclude that the website did not gain PR organically; to say it was simply manipulated.

What are the other things that I found out with those sites?

• You can see a blog network pattern.

o Some of the sites are using same template(the only difference is the color)
o The Sites are also showing lots of Ads
o Lots of Categories/Topics, tags in the footer section
o The IPs are in cluster

IP Address are in cluster

Fake page rank is not hidden to Google. When you are affiliated with such website and then Google penalized it, you too can be affected. So, inspect the website first, validate Page Rank and compare it with others. Don’t be too enticed by what you can readily see, check real PR before deciding to do guest post with them.

Thoughts? Share it below. 

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