Solutions to Unlock Your Site from the Blacklist of Yandex

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When the Yandex checked the websites days ago, has your site been one of those being blacklisted? That is really one big problem as it would affect not just your traffic and ranking in the said search engine, but also the possibility of gaining leads out of your target prospects. It may cause them not to visit the site because the warning of the browser or other detectors would compel them not to do so. And the only way to avoid losing a lot of potential consumers or save the site from further destruction is to resolve the problem as early as possible.

This is what I am currently doing because one of my clients’ sites has just been tagged as being blacklisted. It is a quite tough process for you will go through investigation as to the causes and the right solutions to take.

How my investigation started?

Checking the malware notice through Google Chrome (see image below).

malware detected by Chrome

Then using Google’s safe browsing below is what I have found out.


After which, I then checked or reviewed the matter using the Sucuri sitecheck which had scanned the website, and the result looks like this:

sucuri site check

It is somewhat frustrating, and worst is, some site owners are unaware of any suspicious code inserted on their websites by the hackers. Therefore it is important to check the website to find these codes and remove it in order that the next time it will be checked the blacklist status will be remove.

But before discussing the solutions or steps to take in preventing it, here are first the essential details which you should know:

What Does the Blacklist Mean?

This simply means that the Yandex has detected malware on site that may harm yours or the users computer by gaining access to your personal information. And as you probably know, the malware may include (1) websites blacklisted by Yandex for distributing malware and (2) those contain exploit according to Yandex behavior analyzer.

Why Tag the sites with such Name? Does it Denote Negativity to the Site?

It is being labeled as such because it contains malicious code which is threatening the safety of the users’ computers or sites. In other words, the data may get corrupted or stolen by the hacker without the owner knowing or detecting it. And take note as the user will enter the site the code will start its activation process and, thus, the infection or illegal activity may continue until it is detected.

How does Yandex checks the site’s security status?

It checks the sites appearing on its search results through using antivirus suite and Sophos.

How to Identify Potentially Harmful Sites?

Some of the search results may have the following warning next to them: “This website may be harmful to your computer.”

How to Protect Your Computer from the Malware?

It is always best to have an effective  and updated antivirus program. And running a full system scan can help you identify the problem.

What to Do if Your Site was Infected by the Malware?

The following are what you should do if your site is infected:

(1) Through using tools or through Yandex webmaster tool or through sending email to them, you need to find the information about where that code is located and from where it is coming. Actually even through checking it through browsers like Chrome you will know if where that malicious code is coming from.

(2) Deleting the suspicious code and checked your site’s status again.

What to Do if Your Site Has Been Blacklisted?

If you are the site owner, then spend time to read through the instructions from Yandex on how to find and remove the malicious code. But to make the process faster, you can sign up to Yandex Webmaster service, and then send a request for an out-of-turn checking.

SEO Advice:

Always check your website security status especially using WordPress  you must have plug-ins or having antivirus that can check your website security and make you aware about something wrong about your website. Being unaware of this can make you lose your website’s reputation and prospects, therefore it is truly essential to monitor your website status and have a tight security, if possible you can change your passwords regularly.

Indisputably, hackers are very clever in injecting malicious codes to a lot of websites which are quite often not noticed or detected by the site owners; thus, causing a great damage to their site or computer. This is the reason why taking the right solutions to fight off malware and unlock your site from the blacklist of Yandex is gravely necessary.

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