Blogging and Article Writing for Better Website Traffic

blogging and article writing

bloggingCreating a business and making a mark in the in the world of internet populated by millions of hopeful websites is magnanimous challenge. Though not all websites sport the same topics, it still cannot be denied that commercial success of any website has become competitive as it is crucially vital. With people becoming too dependent on search engines to look for information and websites, Search Engine Optimization justifies its relevance and requirement for all websites vying to exploit Internet as a global market.

Among the countable SEO tactics, two of the quite similar and low budgeted ones are blogging and article writing. A better understanding of the two SEO techniques can give your website a better view since both blogs and articles are highly favorable in search engines.

To start off with, blogging is like a journal, only that it is online and there is a website called a blog that shows your entries in reverse chronological order by default. Considering anyone can create a blog of whatever topic, blogging corresponds to postings made on a personal note that are not expected to be factually authentic. Although blogs may rank high in most search engines, analysis is further needed when it comes to its usage as SEO technique.

Writing an article, on the other hand, represents informative articles written with a view to expose professional know-how. Articles are usually made by experienced or professional writers for articles are need to be factual and accurate, and should have emphasis on details.

Another difference between the two is that blog entries require more time to be made and reflects the writer’s point of view on the topic he is writing about while articles are meticulously made and market driven as well as educational.

Although blogging is far better in providing fresh but timeless piece of information than articles, it still scores poorer when we talk about exposure compared to online articles. Unless a blog is already popular, the chances are always brighter for your articles to be seen and read by people in all likelihood.

Articles from a website show your expertise over a particular area of business and can help you attract clients, if you would look at it in commercial standpoint. Make sure to write the article with care as per popular perception, circulation of quality articles can actually fetch swarming qualified web traffic to your website.

Using these two SEO techniques is one of the best ideas you might want to consider. Blogging has its own market in terms of net users and must not be left alone. Placing a contextual and concise blogs together with a link to a detailed article about the topic is a combination of two strategies. This does not only help gaining attention from your readers to your product, but also attracts more readers to your articles, and in effect to your website.

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