Can the WordPress Plug-in Boost Your Site’s Speed?

boost site speed with wordpress plug ins

Since site speed is considered as search ranking factor, although this one has a lesser weight but still we need to consider it in order to create a quality user experience and at the same time to speed up also ROI and conversion process. We need to optimize also a website to enhance its site speed. And actually to improve the site speed of AlSEOBlog we have followed the recommendations given by PageSpeed Insights.

Page Speed insights

It shows that our main priority is leveraging browser caching, enabling compression and at same time optimization of images. Therefore what I did is I used plug-in for a WordPress site. And one common consideration which can aid in this process is the plug-ins being utilized that can significantly affect the page speed. It is somewhat not typical for others, but one most effective way of speeding up the loading time is by the use of WordPress Super Cache.

How is that so? This fast caching engine is able to produce or generate static html files from the dynamic WordPress blog. Hence, after the html file is generated, the web server will then serve it instead of the heavier PHP scripts. This is quite favorable to the majority of users because static files served when they are not logged in, have not left a comment on the blog or viewed a password protected post.

Yet, it is also noteworthy that the plug-in serves as cached files in three ways:

Legacy Caching – it is primarily used to cache pages for known users or visitors who leave comments. However, despite the advantage of being flexible, it can also be a disadvantage for being the slowest caching method. Further, because every page is different from the other, it is always good not to cache pages for those kinds of users and avoid legacy caching.

PHP – this can serve as supercached file and it is easier to configure as the .htaccess file does not need to be modified. Likewise, to use this, you should have a custom permalink and keep some portions of the page dynamic.

Mod_Rewrite – if you want a faster method, then this is the appropriate one to use as this serves as “supercached” static html files. It also bypasses PHP and this is best if the site is visited by unknown users.

How About if the “Supercaching” Does Not Work on Your Server?

You have nothing to worry because caching can still be performed; however, each request would require loading the PHP engine. In such a case, the visitors of your site may notice the slowdown or difference, but it is noteworthy that the supercache does come into its own if the server is underpowered.

What Settings are Best in Using PHP Caching?

The following are what you should enable: (1) PHP caching, (2) Compress pages, (3) Cache rebuild, (4) Extra homepage checks, (5) CDN support, and (6) Don’t cache pages for known users.

Why Images are also needed to be optimized to boost site speed?

The quantity and image size also matters and it contribute also to site loading speed. So, it is also essential to optimize the images you are using to site.

Here are the ways recommended by Yahoo (

Using image format that is light for your website, like using .jpeg instead of .png.

Optimizing CSS Stripes

Use appropriate size of image for your post and never scale images using html.

Using favicon that is small and cacheable.

Likewise, it is good to know that WordPress offers an API that can perform such optimization processes, except to strip JPEG Meta data. How does it work? The images that you add to the page or post will be directly run through the program.

See the Savings below with smush it

Same with Yahoo!, Google is also suggesting how to make images friendly to your site speed:

 Upload an image with the right specified dimensions.

Using the best file format.

Removing the excessive white space or unnecessary spaces before uploading the image to your website.

With the foregoing, it is really definite that by using the WordPress plug-ins, you can boost your page’s speed which is one best way of pushing your ranking up and avoiding losing your potential clients due to the very slow response. So try to innovate your site for the better, or else you will end up having the worst.

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