What’s the new way to talk to each other?


Social media platforms are evolving. It’s not anymore bound to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. A new way of getting connected or talking to each other can happen in Branch. It is a place where great conversation can keep you up at night. It is a place where people are brought together to have fun, to jive, to converse and to share experiences.

Exploring Branch

Branch undergone series of changes in their lay out. It took everything step by step. At first it was designed to be “text heavy” with all the conversation bulleted vertically. Yet, experiments leave them with having “card like structures” where posts were listed and images can be added.

first layout

It echoes simplicity, formality but engaging. In this social medium, you’ll have a grasp of possible topic you will be interested.

Furthermore, if a user is hesitant to start a branch account, then there’s no need to worry, the compose form will lessen your intimidation to start a topic with your branches.

compose form

It will give you options of what to talk about whether it’s a post, a link, or an image. Branch mission focuses on joining each other who share the same interests and would like to talk to same stuffs. Also, when you have created an account it will be easier to manage your branch experience. There will be drawers for activity that will be posted where you can join. Your inbox will be consolidated with other branch experiences through a drawer.

It will make the conversation easily tracked down and managed. The lay out for branch is simple and navigational. You can have a conversation as if you are talking to each other. When there is a new message, there will be notification to open the reply. Branch also allows you to create groups that will talk about specific interests. It will give bigger impact if there are many people who will be interested of the topic and you can inject about your product/service.

How To Create Your Account?

Joining the branch is simple yet you must have a Twitter account first. It will allow synchronization of Twitter account to Branch.

sign up

After joining and allowing access to your twitter account you may be asked to verify your account in your email. After doing so, you are now ready to talk about topics/issue you want to bring conversation about.

topic to talk

Then you can share your thoughts about the topic. If you started the conversation make sure that it will trigger interests of your Twitter followers so they will join the conversation.
share thoughts

After doing so, you can now “Tweeple” users that you want to talk. You can add everybody in the conversation.

add tweeple you wanted to talk with

At My End

Branch is an effective social media if you want to have long time of conversing. Also, it will focus on few people as you can’t talk everything to every people you can encounter. You will have to add them through their Twitter account. Branch is a good start of creating an almost “group chat” for niche of people who share the same interests as you are. This can also be effective for niche marketing strategies.

However, Branch is still an infant social media. As it is still needs to be synchronized with Twitter account, it indicates that it can’t stand alone and needs to be supported. As for it’s recent status, it can be engaging for consumer level only wherein you’ll got to track down conversation of other users, who maybe a close friend of yours. Indeed this is a new place to talk. But, in a business perspective, it can’t be efficient to use. Perhaps, in later days to come when Branch is already developed and can serve to larger group of people without the support of other social media sites it can be utilized and incorporated in social media optimization.

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