BROWSEO: Highlighting Relevant Parts for SEO


Previously I have posted about helpful SEO tools like Screaming Frog and W3C Link Checker. And now I am going to share here new SEO browser tool that is also helpful for your on-site analysis which is Browseo. It is a web application which allows you to easily check any website.

Why it is called the “New SEO Browser”?

It is simply easy to use. In order to check any webpage all you need to do is enter the URL on its search box which is found on the upper corner of the You have nothing to download or install. With just entering the URL of any webpage you can able to see how it looks on search engine.

browseo search box

How it works?

It can easily determine a webpage structure at the same time its relevance since its output focuses on pure html, same to what search engine reads when they have visited a page.

After adding the URL on the search box, you can able to see the content of the entire page plus relevant parts to SEO which are the following:

Response Code – showing server response code where in to tell that it is fine, it must show 200(OK).

Text Information – reveals the total number of words, internal, external and no follow links in a page. It is an easy way of getting summary of information that is helpful in optimization of your content.

Head– It shows the Title tag and Meta description including the total number of characters used. Additionally it adds information about viewport, generator, and original source.

SERP Preview – Predicting what a webpage might look like in search results.

Headings – Showing H1 up to H6, where H1 is the most important. Using headings are not only for search engine purposes but also to attracts user’s attention.

And here is the sample output. I just key in my blog URL.

browseo result

What’s cool also about this tool?

Quickly highlights for links. Just by ticking the box it can easily shows what are the internal, external and no follow links.

highlighting links

Checking for Cloaking-Attempt Although it is in beta, but it is truly cool to have this kind of app, since we all know that cloaking can hurt not just website rankings but also its reputation. Cloaking violates webmaster Guidelines and this one is often used by spammers and hackers. So it is truly essential to check a webpage for cloaking attempt. Just click the check for fraud and it will show you cloak detection results.

check for cloaking attempt and share

Easy to share with others. It shows what URL to share with others in order that they can see the result of the webpage being checked.

Downloading the Entire Session. It does not only stops in sharing the output with just URL but you can also download an .xls or Excel file which contains all the webpages you have browsed from current session.

It’s Free. Yes, you can browse easily with no payment required.

What else can Browseo offer?

Multiplier – If you are a power user, this is the best option for you which enables you to run multiple browsing requests.

browseo multiplier

Browseo Android App – Yes, it can be downloaded as an Android application which can makes you check any webpage using your mobile devices.

How it is valuable to SEO?

Checking for important SEO metrics is essential especially when you are browsing your own webpage. You can able to note the element that needs improvement. At the same time you will immediately know if there is a problem on your website. This is also valuable especially when you wanted to gain links from another website, an easy way to check if it is not using cloaking techniques. Simply it can help you in making your website search and user friendly.

Thanks to ilscipio team which is based in Germany, this app has becomes useful to us.

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