Why Conversion Rate Dropped After 1 Month of SEO Campaign?

Conversion rate is one of the most important factors in measuring the online campaign success of a website. A conversion rate is analyzed through the number of visitors performing desired action, whether the said action is manifested through buying the product or…

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International SEO: Invading the Global Industry

Some business or organizations do not settle within their local niche. Websites created with multiple languages emerged because the global industry is more lucrative and profitable. Ranking in Google is not an easy task even when you are competing in the local…

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Home Page Ranks rather than the Targeted Inner Page

This is another edition of SEO Consulting from one of my e-commerce client’s site and an SEO case that we need to solve. Google Ranking Factors Discovery Have you ever found something like this? The Inner Page or http://www.thesite.com/Kitchen-Lighting-s/13.htm wanted to rank…

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