Stricter Penguin Update for the Coming April 2013

coming penguin update

Google as to what Penguin update will entail but Matt Cutts clearly stated that there will be one and it will be a significantly “large update”. But as it is designed to scrape all “spam” in the internet, expect that it would scrutinize your backlink profile.

Before we go further what to expect. Let us first make an overview of how Penguin ultimately give an impact to SERP. Penguin is an algorithmic change but not a penalty. Because of the algorithm, Google penalizes the website that was found out to violate the guidelines set by the search engine. This year as Penguin celebrates 1 year in the service, it will be stricter and will not tolerate any “spammy” link.

Penguin Updates through the year:

• Initial Release in April

◦ Affected 3.1% of English searches

• Penguin 2 in May 2012

◦ Affected <0.1% of English searches

• Penguin 3 in October 2012

◦ Affected 0.3% of English searches

This is an official statement from Google in terms of the number of websites that have been affected because of Penguin refreshes. Portent analysis can lead us to conclusions that we must expect a stricter Penguin through the following stats:

Portent Analysis

Google tend to do better in their campaign against spam.

What to do before it’s too late?

No one can tell what’s going to happen next. We can’t say how intensive and large the Penguin update can be but to keep our websites safe before the refresh, you must check on your SEO campaign and look for the following:

#Keywords and phrases in press releases

Google keeps on reminding us that an unnatural way of inserting rich keywords or phrases in a press release can be suspicious and can make the site critical for Google. If it doesn’t make sense in the press releases, it doesn’t make for Google. You have to abide the rules of a PR site to give an impression that you are not into keyword stuffing but to add value to the site and give valuable information to searchers.

#Low Article directories

Low quality article directories with any topic can be tagged as “no value content”. Before things get worse, lift your content and beware of these directories. If not, you can expect that your rankings will be greatly affected..

#Substandard Blogs (Poor Grammar and Writing Styles)

Google is allergic to no value content in the blogs. If it’s not readable for a user, then it will not be readable for Google as well. Spun and auto generated articles in a wide spectrum of topics can alarm Google algorithm spam filters to visit a site and give penalties.

#Link lists

Not all links lists are bad but when it’s far from your websites category or topic; by default it is considered as spam.

#Forum Invasions

Who would appreciate a link dropped after introducing oneself in a forum? Forum conversations are not prohibited by Google so long as it is natural. Drop a link when it is needed but don’t if you just want to inject it in the conversation.

#Bookmarking sites

It’s not bad as you think it is but it should be used efficiently and efficaciously. Don’t trick Google for using bookmarking sites to manipulate search results, just add and share contents naturally with the thought that it is needed by the users.

#Suspicious links

Spamming is a conscious action. You know you’re doing it and you can feel if the strategy is spamming. Don’t be oblivious to that fact. Reposition your SEO strategy before things go to worse than you have expected.

Google will be implementing a stricter algorithm. Even those webpages that have been known for longer period of time will be looked over. So, be prepared, April Penguin update is near to its coming.

Above mentioned stuffs are what Matt Cutts and Google have been reiterating. What Google intends is to make every SEO to realize that internet should be a library of clean websites. To cope with this demand you have to practice ethical SEO. This is Google’s actions toward compelling every SEO Specialist to do strategies that are for long term; that no matter how many times Penguin will be employed, the website will remain on top of the rank and unshaken. Therefore we can say that Search authority and links are the outcome of good marketing, not the tactics to get there.

What are your predictions? Share it below.

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