Is Your Quality Content Protected from Thieves?

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 QUALITY is king and every user and webmaster is looking forward for it. Why? Because it is now synonymous to safe and efficient search engine optimization as the current Google updates require much of valuable and intelligible contents, and not those below the standards of even ordinary readers. Not only that, when you have “quality”, you have nothing to worry about quantity since the “cash” and traffic from the followers who have turned into loyal clients are of much worthy.

copycatBut perhaps, this is also the reason why there are some people who are taking advantage of others’ output to make good income and make things easier for them to rank. This is where the issue of stealing of contents or plagiarism now comes in. As has already been observed by many web publishers, there are existing thieves who scrape and duplicate the quality contents of some popular sites.

That’s somehow not surprising to know, but you may get stultified one day when you discover that the search engine is penalizing you because your content has a duplicate to another site. You are simply victimized by the wrongful act of others causing the engine to be confused of who really is the real owner between or among you and the sites with the same content. And the theory is, when you were the one who originally posted the content and someone copies it, you have greater probability of losing something big or get penalized than the infringer. See? It’s a serious issue in SEO; thus you have to make yourself equipped of the following:

Scraped and Automatically Generated Content: What are they According to Google’s Webmaster Tool?

They’re simply those copied contents from other websites used without making modifications or adding value or some substance into it, or having those contents from reputable sites without taking into account their relevance on one’s own site. And the worst thing about this is not just the fact that Google does not give credit to such content, but also the possible infringement case which may be filed by the original writer or owner of the post, the reason why it is always necessary to produce authentic contents and follow the guidelines of the search engine.

These are the examples of scraped contents:

• Copied and re-posted contents of other sites without added value;
• Modified content generated through spinning or using synonymous terms;
• Reproduced Contents or feeds from other sites without providing beneficial value to the users.

[To know more about this you can visit here.]

On the other hand, you can know that a certain content is automatically generated when it was produced out of automated tools, or appears to be a combination of contents from various sources. That ultimately is a serious violation to the Google’s Webmasters Guidelines.

[You can read about the said guidelines here .]

What About Duplicate Content?

According to Google, it “generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar”. And what’s interesting about this is that usually, it comes from a non-deceptive in origin. The Google provided the following examples non-malicious duplicate contents:

• Discussion forums that can generate regular and stripped-down pages that are targeted at mobile devices;
• Store items linked into multiple and varied URLs;
• Printer-only versions of web pages

[You can know more about it, and how to avoid getting duplicate contents in this page .]

What Will Happen if You Violate Google’s Guidelines?

PENALTY. Short and simple, right? But its effect in your site may be more than what you can imagine. It may be deindexed from Google’s search results page, and thus, it will be nowhere to find in the ranking thus can affect generation of possible leads. And even if your effort in link building seems so immeasurable, you can’t still promise yourself with good outcome if you have the habit of copying the contents of others, or feeding your readers with an almost rotten article. Yet, logically, having duplicate contents can trigger no interest among readers since it would somehow so stupid to read the same content all over again in different sites. If you’re on your readers’ or search engine’s shoes, would you be happy to be fed with a befouled and stolen property?

What if You Become a Victim of Plagiarism or Copying of Content? What Can You Expect?

Would the tears flow from your eyes seeing your site’s rank dropping like a shooting star? That’s really possible especially when you get penalized by the search engine because the punishment supposedly intended for thieves is unfairly given to you. Thus, if your contents have no protection, you are undeniably prone to such a common crime in the web.

What You Should Do to Prevent Thieves or Plagiarizers from Copying Your Contents?

If the quality content is king, then probably, regular monitoring or strict protection of it and your site is the “Queen”. So how would you acquire the “crown of safety” for your site’s survival in the web? There are three easy and self-explanatory steps that you should do:

#1 Don’t steal if you don’t want to be victimized by stealing, or simply observe proper and ethical practices while doing SEO (produce authentic and quality contents not just always, but all the time). Stick on the guidelines!

#2 Investigate. Who? Of course, those thieves in the web who are scraping or copying your contents for their own advantage. Monitor while time is still safe and possible!

#3 Use Copyscape to check that your content has no duplicate, or is safe from violation, and to monitor those who are copying your contents, and protect them from future infringement with the use of its banner.

To be more enlightened about the issue of stealing, and the use of Copyscape for your contents and sites, you can watch this helpful video:

You can also answer your other essential queries by reading on through their FAQs .

Always remember that in the end FAILURES are always possible if you stole others content but to those who are sharing valuable and original content just take note we have always POWER to those who are scraping our content since there are WAYS to prevent it and gain PROTECTION.

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