Why Creativity Matters with New Twitter Profile Design?

creativity with twitter profile

Having a creative profile design in Twitter has always been the desire of most Tweeple not only to see something new and replace the obsolete one, but more so, to utilize the power of such social media site both for business and personal purposes. As you probably know, it is one best medium of reaching a large number of audiences in an instantaneous means – all you have to do is to tweet your thought and follow those whom you want to develop close relationship. But that is not all what it can offer; the opportunities which any user can have may range up to the possibility of success.

Of course, it still depends on the purpose of using it. But generally, the benefits if you have a unique and attractive design are the following:

#1 It can reflect your personality as a user or person.

#2 You can attract other users to know what is all about you or your account and make them follow; through which you can develop relationship or connections which may be of great help for your business marketing.

#3 Expressing yourself to the public would become clearer and easier as your design helps convey the idea or message you want them to receive.

#4 Good design can boost your reliability as a user and promoter in the network.

Nevertheless, such benefits may have already been known to you before, and perhaps, it does not already matter whether to create new design or not. But you would really be compelled to do so since; recently, the users were informed through the twitter blog that there will be new profile design which will go or shift to universal on December 12 this year. This is really something new for everyone to look out, but what is important to know is when you are unable to have new design by that date, you will be having a default header or a grey image on your page. Thus, having new and creative profile design today is a grave necessity, and for you to have that unique and attracting one.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Resize your Profile Picture – aside from blending the profile picture with the background that you have set, it is also best to resize your profile picture (180×176) that would look good to the entire space or design.

Twitter Profile Template

Be Guided with the Template – as you are working with a creative design for your header, always be guided by the template so you will exactly know where your profile picture is located. Above you can see a template that you can use when creating a header design. Create a header design that can fit with your profile picture, something that can tell who you are pr can make the users remember what your brand is.

On the other hand, for you to easily add a new twitter header for your account, here are the simple and quick steps:

1.) Go to the Settings Page
2.) Check the design tab, or simply go to this site https://twitter.com/settings/design
3.) Go to the customization of header
4.) Upload your header and save the changes.

How to Make Your Brand or Advocacy Stand Out?

In the process of making your profile design, you may be having a goal in mind to accomplish and one of which, perhaps, is to make your brand or promotion be known through your image. And the simplest yet effective way of achieving your goal is to base your design on your purpose and from which you have to outline the things you want to see while considering your bio as an owner. It is also one strategy for you not to lose your goal while creating something new for your profile.

Indeed, with the new development in the profile design of twitter, every user is given the opportunity to have the best which can ultimately help in achieving their purpose of existence in the network. But as it goes universal, you should still always bear in mind that your market still defines your target and the activities or strategies that you should follow in tweeting all over the web.

Here’s what I did for my Twitter profile:
alseoblog twitter

Show your creative side now through your Twitter profile.

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