Defining Quality Content

Defining Quality Content
Defining Quality

Although last week I’ve talked about Panda and Penguin update but still I can go away from searching about this topic, since there are lots of interesting lessons it taught people in search engine optimization world. Even to my past articles when I mention about Panda and Penguin updates it always reminds us to observe quality. What really quality means?

Even reading from other sites you can see that in order to survive the Panda be sure that you create a unique content and yesterday I found an interesting topic that I would like to share to you and that is the interview of Eric Enge of Stone temple with the head of Google webspam team Matt Cutts. At this interview Matt Cutts define quality content. Since we are aiming to provide quality results it is important to take note of this. First they talked about creating a unique content for example on articles where in spinning or rewriting an article to avoid duplicate is not enough, since it only create the same article. Then they talked about infographics where in just like textual content it must have a value add. Same also in promoting your brands, it does not mean that small brands cannot compete and for Matt Cutts as long as you have a unique value proposition, you will truly standout. They also talked about content curration where in a site is the host for unique content that is not related to the hosting site but only operates to gain traffic and ranking and Matt said that it’s not currently considered as spam but of course in the end your site must stand out through providing related information but with value added. And lastly he gives an example wherein if your company have many location sites be sure that each site must added a differentiation with their value proposition, wherein it does not only mean that location is the only different thing but you have to provide a content in your page that what is the difference of location 1 from location 2. So what quality means is providing an interesting yet valuable content for a website that can help answering search queries of every searcher.

And even if you have read from other sources to share the latest information but it is important to add a value to your content and this means spicing up. It’s like making your content like a value meal wherein there’s a difference from regular meal and that is getting saving plus the happiness it brings since you get an extra savings with that meal.

How to create a valuable content:

1. You must be knowledgeable enough in sharing a topic.

2. Be sure that in creating a post you have target audience.

3. You have a wide experience and you can share that as an example.

4. If you need data or facts, make sure that it is appropriate and validated.

5. Create a post that is not only for search engine eyes but of course for humans.

6. This post must have a different angle from your source.

7. Making sure that the content is proofread to avoid grammar and spelling errors.

8. Avoid writing a content that targets your keywords which leads to keyword stuffing.

9. Be sensible enough for the length of your article. It must have a structure and created that can lead to answer or educate your readers.

10. Attract readers attention trough leaving your final insights or through asking questions.

Quality Control for Content
Make your content QC approved.

May those “how to” help you in bringing quality content to the public. Value adding means that you need also to spice up your content and that is to identify the ingredients that could help you and just like in cooking there is a procedure that you need to follow to achieve the taste that you wanted and same in creating content it must be made at your own style. And I am inspired with what Matt have said that people should avoid looking for shortcuts and that’s why even in our company dedication and persistence is always emphasized wherein in the end you can see great results when you work hard for it. You’ll find in the end that the enjoyment or happiness that it brings everytime you receive appreciation or helped even just a person through your post is the best payment that you can receive.

Therefore, everytime you have a post be sure that it is not just a rewritten content but a post with value and can stand out since it can help to answer the queries.

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