Why the Disapproved Ads in Adwords Still Get Clicks?

Disapproved Ads get clicks

Adwords disapproved with clicksHaving ads in Adwords is one of the strategic solution of a website owner or online marketer since that could already mean that there is something which could complement the existing SEO strategies or online promotion techniques. Specifically, the ads which may eventually be clicked and visited by a user can generate traffic and leads. But the problem, however, is when an ad being proposed does not meet the requirements and is disapproved by Google. We have actually explained some reasons why an ad resulted to disapproval .

Interestingly, such problem has turned out to be the subject of today’s question:

“Can the disapproved ad campaign in Adwords still have clicks?”

There may be instances that the said ad has still clicks and credited to the owner’s budget. But then, what are perhaps the main reasons behind this situation? This is what I am going to share with you after I was consulted of someone and immediately investigated the matter. Below is the specific situation consulted to me:

Adwords Disapproved have clicks
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To show the Policy details for each column, all you have to do is the following :

Go to the Ads and their corresponding columns, and then click customize columns to find the Policy details to add.

Adding Policy details

The Policy Details:

Policy details

As you can see, it is a disapproved ad and the main reason why it was not accepted is because of its nature being an online pharmacy site which needs an online certification. I have previously posted why this is the resultant of the ad? It is just good that the status column shows whether your ad can run or not.

There are actually 8 types of statuses under the Ad tab:

• Under review – Ad is under review and cannot still be shown anywhere yet.
• Eligible – it is still being reviewed, but may be shown on Google Search pages.
• Approved – allowed to show on all networks and is considered  to have safe content.
• Approved (non-family) – have restrictions because some contents maybe inappropriate for other audiences like in the case of gambling sites.
• Approved (adult) – have restrictions and considered as having adult contents.
• Approved (limited) – Ads with limitations and may only be seen in certain countries.
• Disapproved – has an issue with one or more of advertising guidelines and cannot run until the issue is fixed.
• Site suspended –cannot be shown until the issue is fixed.

Let us see the campaign tab:

campaign tab

As you will see the campaign is eligible and there are actually 7 types of statuses for campaign.

7 types of statuses on campaign tab

Based on the details above, it is eligible – meaning active and can show ads.  It is the same with eligible Ad group.

Ad group tabThe Ad group statuses:

Ad group Statuses

And this is OUR FOCUS:

Adwords Disapproved have clicks
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The Ad is disapproved but have clicks.

Do you want to know why? Here are the procedures:

1. Find out on what dates it appear on search.
The campaign started on November 6, 2012 and has clicks on November 8, 2012.

2. Check if it has an Impression.
Based on the data given there is an impression.

3. Check the dates of disapproval by using your Adwords email.
Based on my source, its account was disapproved last November 8, 2012 and after that date there is No more impression and clicks.

4. Check if your account was suspended.
The account was suspended due to violation on the policy and it was enforced last November 12. And according to my source email, his account is still able to receive impressions until this date.


Based on the email, the account was suspended last November 12, 2012, and therefore can still have impression and clicks prior to that date. So what he needs to do is to comply to the advertising policy of Adwords to continue. Apparently, the account was suspended because of the creation of another Ad although the guidelines were not yet complied. Furthermore, since he is running the Ads in the US, it should be first acquire an accreditation from the National Association Boards of Pharmacy VIPPs program .


It seems that the time of the disapproval of the ads is not the basis to determine whether the ad can still acquire clicks or not, but it is the date of suspension which is the prime basis. Thus, in the given case, it is still possible for the site to get clicks after the date of disapproval. But this theory still needs to be verified through further observations and analysis.

In running an Adword campaign it is really essential that you should follow the Advertising policies and check regularly your campaign and the email coming from Adwords team. This is how simple to operate an Adwords campaign can be and to reactivate your PPC campaign.

But nevertheless, when you encounter a serious problem or you really need someone who can secure your safe and efficient online business promotion, it is best to contact an Adwords expert immediately. Remember, it is not just your advertising that is at stake, but also your profit.

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