Good Practice for Google: Disavow Removed Links

disavow removed links

Links are important to every SEO campaign. It counts a lot for organic ranking. Yet, with Penguin algorithm scraping websites with low quality links, it seemed that links become hard to gain. There are two cases by which your links will be accountable for: before and after Penguin. We can’t say you’re guilty for dropping links anywhere on the web prior to Penguin update since there was no announcement from search engines yet. Also, you can’t be blamed for links generated through negative SEO. Unintentional yet punishable act.

However, Google isn’t cruel enough for not giving you chances of correcting mistakes and so disavow tool has been made available for every SEO practitioner. Through it you can recover your website from Penguin updates.

On the other hand, there are also other ways of removing unnatural links on account. Manually requesting for link removals, or if you have created the link, you have to manually remove it as well. That’s a pretty hassle on your part. But when the link is removed, it will be removed from Google’s index right? This is true, however, one of the Googlers John Mueller said that it is a good practice when you enlist your unnatural links in the disavow file.

JohnMueller on disavow tool

He didn’t give any reason but I believe these are the justifications:

You may have understood a number of your links that messed up . Naturally, you would ask for link removal. However, the time when the actual removal and the time when Google removed it in their indices can have a significant gap. So, it is better to directly note Google that such links are intended to be disavowed.

It will serve as a polishing technique for link removal. Though the links have been removed through you are the site owner, you still have to let Google know that these links should not be counted as votes for your website.

It will be easy for you to trace which links have been removed and eventually will be removed in Google indices. As you will have the file and you knew which sites are for disavowing, you can have a look back at all your links and simply include it all.

Protection and Safety. Assuming that you judge the link as unnatural and you have asked it for it to be removed. The webmaster may have deleted the link but suddenly put it back again, you don’t have to ask for another request for link removal because Google will never count it for you. See, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Disavowing of links is a Google’s way of helping you, so, it won’t hurt if you add your removed unnatural links to disavow file. It will just mean steady and protected way of recovering from Penalty. When it is cause by negative SEO, surely, you don’t have to give full trust, instead always guard your links at your end.

Here is actually the webmaster central forum about Disavow tool  where John Mueller said that it is also a best practice to disavow removed links. And his point is actually interesting for us SEO Expert since it can be of great help in helping clients for their reconsideration requests.

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