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Since a lot of post nowadays is about content as the king and it’s friendlier to the eyes of search engines, so I’m here to share again on how to add valuable content aside from blogging and guest posting. It’s not only about making your website friendlier to the eyes of search engines but it’s also one way of attracting possible prospect or leads. And that is through online document sharing wherein making you to get notice through adding valuable content.

document sharing

What you can get from sharing your documents online? Sharing what your best at. Enable you to share your expertise and you can present it on your own way. In this way people will notice who you are and what type of person you are. Improves your presentation skills. Through continuous sharing or seeing other presentation you’ll have an inspiration to continue your development in terms of your presentation skills. It can also be a place to gain innovating ideas. Discover opportunities. It can be a gateway where many will discover your presentation ability and you get a chance to be invited on conferences or as speaker. And a plus factor when you share it on your LinkedIn account you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your expertise to your future clients. Gain links pointing to your website and social media accounts. Although you can get a nofollow link here but as long as it’s informative, creative and ideal one, you’re links will surely be find out by readers and discover more about you. You can actually have profile links here and every time you submit your documents you can put also additional links pointing to your website.

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 Quickly Index by Google. Just like in my slideshare presentation it’s actually less than an hour, when you search the title or the long tail keyword it now appears. And since it’s a fresher content when I visited it in just a few minutes it automatically garners views, which means that readers are interested with fresher content and it’s truly a gateway for your lead generation.

Index by Google Online Document Sharing File

Helps in lead generation process. With a valuable presentation it enables a reader or a seeker to read and share your articles or documents which in return wanted to seek more about you and that is why they either contact you or go to your website which means a possible prospect.

Possible Prospects

Allowing you to upload various documents. Either you can share it as .pdf, as a .doc, a .odt file, or a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt) one. Branding. Did you know that every time you share a document, you can add your logo on it footer or header and every time they read on it they can notice your logo and it’s a way of making a mark on their minds about your company or about you especially when you’re a B2C (Business to Consumer) Company where brand identity is created through repetition and imagery.

• Achieve it simply using a customize template which is having similar color or design with your website • Putting a logo or your identity marks on every page or slide of your documents.


Showcasing your Creativity You can show your creative side since document sharing sites allows your document to have the following:creativity

• Images • Highlighted Text • Colors • Various font style • Various font size • Customize Template • Add Videos (Just like with SlideShare Pro Account) • Various illustrations/shapes

This is actually my favorite part. Through document sharing it allows you to showcase your creative style especially when you are using PowerPoint presentations. And most importantly have fun while doing it. How To: Document Sharing

Again it is simply easy, just a 3-step process.

Online Document Sharing

Create a Valuable Content.

• Informative • Can answer your viewers or readers questions • Create Awareness • Helpful • Unique (or based on your perspective) • Attractive • Well Presented

Upload to Document Sharing Sites.

List of Online Document Sharing Sites:

How to Spread Your Shared Documents:

For example Using slideshare: • Embed it on your blogs, wikis, websites • Share it on your social media acounts • Add a Slideshare app on your facebook • Display your presentation/pdf on your LinkedIn profile

An easy way to reach out your potential market and that is through document sharing. It’s not just sharing a mere content but a valuable one that is needed for those in search of knowledge. For SEO it’s also a way of having diversity on your strategies and creating more connections. Important Reminder:  Always remember to read and follow the guidelines in every sites that you are going to share your documents, since rules matters in terms of the life span of your account and especially your articles or documents.

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