Why Not Write What the Readers Want?

Why Not Write What the Readers Want

After writing about the disavow tool here’s another craft I want to share to you. The everyday updates really inspires me that quality content is a must. And there are ways how to create it effectively.

Search Engine Optimization is not just about link building, but also connecting to and developing relationship with the readers through valuable content. This is somehow what the new updates mean. And Google seems so hungry for fresh and quality content. Hence, if you can meet this standard, your site will just automatically build its safety and survival in the search engine since there’s a great possibility that it can attract links naturally.

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Previously the engine’s rule says that the best is the one which can easily be indexed, but for readers it’s the “readability” of the article that matters most and now in order to answer what users need, search engines like Google evolves and that is why they are standing for their  goal of giving quality content. Additionally their current  goals is to give relevant results to the users and that is why in the end you will see that your effort of crafting what readers want will end up giving you a positive outcome.

Nevertheless, the current focus is what the readers want, and how friendly it is to the search engine. The main criterion is “engagement”. How would you engage your readers or the users in a productive reading and active connection with you? Of course, feeding them with an informative articles that would satisfy a valuable user experience.

Thus, here are the six tips in writing an engaging content that your readers want:

• Feed Current News, Events, or Updates – most users want something fresh to be assured that what they are reading is up-to-date and/or still useful for their current needs. Congruently, this is also what Google desires to have from webmasters today.

• Observe Consistency and Quality – being consistent is simply having one focus in your content; don’t include unrelated data for they’ll be making your readers get confused of what you really are trying to inform them. If it’s about writing, then just talk about it and don’t include other irrelevant things unless you wish to make an analogy. What about quality? It’s about having factual yet well-written article.

• Leave no Doubt with Errors – an erroneous article will offend the readers and make them doubt your reliability as a writer. They might not even continue reading the entire content if your title or initial paragraph is already defective with grammatical errors, etc.

• Be Straight to the Point – the habit of most online readers is to scan the article and just extract the important points, except those who want to be entertained by feature articles. And if possible, it is also advised to be specific since being direct is not enough to make the terms crystal clear for the readers.

• Avoid Flooding of Unnecessary Words – some “flowery” words are okay since they’re a good tool to emphasize important points, or attach an “emotion” to your statements. However, for some practical reasons which are related to the preceding item, the readers will disregard your effort of thinking about those excellent adjectives; all they want is the information that they’re seeking for.

• Don’t Ever Underestimate Your Readers – the readers, like any other persons, don’t want to be underestimated by the writer; they get turned off from the article. But how would you avoid such? It’s on how you present your ideas through “fair or neutral” words and d set the “tone” of your write-up.

• Stay Connected! – You’ll not know how your readers’ interest shifts if you don’t stay connected with them. It’s one strategy to avoid feeding them with what they don’t need. You can simply do that by responding to their comments or following their own posts.

It’s really the readers that matter now in SEO, and thus, if you just focus on link building, you’ll not be able to serve their needs directly, plus you’ll miss the opportunity of being credited by Google in your ranking for helping its team achieve their primary aim.  In the end quality stands for the value you can give with your prospects, the information that can attract them.  With what I’m doing now and with the current updates it truly shows how exciting is the SEO world and there are still a lot of opportunities to open.

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