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SEO keyword research tools

SEO campaign is usually working on pushing certain keywords to rank on search engine. Choosing effective and competitive keywords are essential in tracking success of SEO campaign; of the business itself. A wrong choice of keywords can be useless for the campaign. Keyword research is essential in every SEO campaign. However, it is hard to check on what’s the keywords used by your consumers. Only tools can allow you to do so. In most of my campaigns I’ve been using Google Keyword Tool. I have also experience using Wordtracker. However, there are additional tools that will aid your keyword search fast and free.

Effective SEO Keyword Research Tools

Quick Suggest Keyword Tools

You will enter the keyword you wanted and in just a few seconds it will give you relevant keywords.

Übersuggest – []- All you need to do is write a term on the box and you can filter the results according to language or choose from web search to images and many more. And by hitting the suggest button it will show your term plus the alphabet which enables you to get thousands of ideas on what keyword to be use.


Soolve- [] – Just by entering the term on the search box it can suggest keyword ideas from 15 search engines. By clicking the Star button it can suggest you the current top Internet keywords which can also be useful in your content creation process.


Keyword Combination Tool

Keyword Combiner– []tools/keyword_combinations.html – Just choose how many keywords you wanted and input on fields provided and it will show combined results. As we know keyword or keywords can be mixed up depending on how the user will be comfortable in searching using the keyword. By generating combinations of keyword, you’ll have an idea at how many instances a certain keyword with many words can be stumbled by a user. This is effective if the word in certain keywords can stand alone and will have sense.

keyword combiner

Keyword Tool with Trends

Yahoo Clues -[] – Just enter the terms you wanted to explore. This only shows relevant trends some Yahoo search engine. You can actually compare two search trends and give important data to analyze. And it also suggests relevant keywords (You can actually see it on search flow and related searches section) based on the terms you have analyzed.

yahoo clues

Understanding the trends on the use of the keyword will allow you to create strategies regarding what keywords are saturated, competitive and focused. As you can see it will show the demographics of users who use the keyword. It can make you compare, analyze and make decisions in terms of extent you’ll do SEO campaign for the keyword.

Google Correlate -[]. Thanks to Neil Patel guide in Keyword research , this tool truly makes sense. The tool will measure correlation of a certain keyword. Correlation will show what keywords go with the same pattern as your entered keyword. It will create significant impact if you want to know what keywords will help your keyword because of the same pattern it possessed.

google trends correlate

The graph shows that Motorcycle Helmets is highly correlated with Kawasaki Motorcycle which means that with the Keyword Motorcycle Helmets you can target Wyoming and partner with Kawasaki Motorcycle.

Social Mention -[] – Suggest Top Keywords for the term you have entered. It’s a real time search function. It simply gives you the idea of how strong the influences of the keyword or the brand name you are using.


Keywords are not used just in search engines but also in social media sites. As updates revealed that social signals can help in pushing the website up for ranks, web owners must also know what keywords dominate interactions or conversations in social networking sites.

Choosing keywords can be as troublesome as mixing SEO campaigns when you don’t understand the pattern, the correlation, the proper placement, and the competitiveness of it. Before you set for target keywords, you must identify who your target market is, the language they are using and the manner they search for it. SEO keyword research tools presented above will show what keywords you can use or the ones used by your consumers.

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