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Is there a need for email marketingIt is not uncommon today for most businessmen to ask about what is really the effective medium to use for the kind of business that they have, and such query is undeniably critical since the wrong choice among the number of options such as text messaging, social media sites, etc. would significantly mean a failure to directly and efficiently reach the target audience. Thus, the right selection of the promotional instrument really requires at the outset a close examination as to how the consumers perceive and rate the form of marketing that they receive.

Nevertheless, on the main point, what’s interesting is the efficiency or potency of email marketing that is commonly disputed and argued about by those who do not believe that such can be one best technique in promoting one’s business and gaining profit. Some are even doubtful whether it can really be practical to employ or it’s just a waste of time to consider as one good choice. Well, a wrong presumption always leads to an incorrect conclusion; hence, before you get deluded by what you do not know about the said marketing strategy, consider first these enlightening facts:

77% of US online consumers (from age 15-up) said that they prefer getting promotional or marketing messages through email while only 9% prefer receiving Direct mails (letters, catalogs, postcards, etc). This is according to ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel preference Survey among 1500 US online consumers.

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80.8% users read emails through mobile devices according to The Science of Email Marketing 2011. And additionally, I want to share to you more about this through the Social Media Scientist Dan Zarella of Hubspot, the Science of Email Marketing 2012 presentation. You can find amazing info here that can truly help in your email marketing campaign, and you will also know that Tuesday at 11 am is the worst day for sending emails.

Higher CTR on emails in the morning. And the highest peak is around 6am according to the Science of email marketing 2011.

About 59% B2B marketers said that the most effective channel in revenue generation is email according to BtoB Magazine, March 2012.

32% Of B2B marketers said that the most important purpose of an email marketing program is for customer acquisition, and then followed by Lead Nurturing with 27% and this is according to BtoB’s State of Email Marketing Survey.

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More than 50% of consumers said that emails lead to purchases according to Exact Target Survey in December 2011.

Average ROI of email marketing is $43.52 in every dollar being spent which can increase by the end of 2012 up to $44.25 based on Direct Marketers Association report.

Growing Investment for email marketing from $1.3B in 2010 to $2B in 2014 based on Forrester Research.

Basing on these data alone, it is doubtless to say that email marketing is not just in need, but is a requisite for every businessman who aspires to have a huge profit.

However, before planning for an email marketing campaign, it is essential that you should first know the laws for this type of promotion. Specifically, you should be familiar with CAN-SPAM Act that provides for the rules in commercial emails. You can know more about the said act by reading the article in the following site provided by the Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center.

After making yourself aware with the said laws, then the next thing you should gravely note about are the following reasons why your business needs an e-mail marketing:

You can use email marketing automation manager that can be personalized like Streamsend which I myself have tried using, and whereby it follows the US CAN SPAM ACT and you can do customization. You can try it for free, Mailchimp is also an awesome email marketing manager to be used since it can also be customized and there are tools that can make tract for the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

Use of landing pages for more capture in email marketing. Just like using unbounce landing pages whereas you can sign up for free and create your own page.

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It is one way of showcasing more things about your goods and services that can consequently draw number of recipients to your website specifically made for lead generation process.

A Hint.Speaking about landing pages this email marketing survey from Marketing Sherpa shows that it is more effective in testing than using subject lines.

Landing Page Result

 It’s really undisputed that with the aforementioned facts, the email marketing is not just about the messages or greetings you send to your clients, nor it is designed for the sole purpose of making profit; you can do more than that, and can deviate from what is commonly done in promoting your business. Just try reaching the heart of and capturing the interests of your audience through the worthy information or ideas you regularly share with them, and for certain, you can easily pull “success” closer to your business.

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