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Tweets make us closer to current events, trending issues and quotable quotes. It can be anything under the sun but when you belong to a group of highly credible people, you’ll learn more than just gossips in the world. You’ll have a chance to reach out to reliable sources of information that you can use as reference in making content for your own website or blog.

We’ve done it. We embed tweets in our websites. It aims to highlight referential tweets, photos, or contents that can boost reliability of the website because it came from a credible person. Twitter seemed to notice that users are getting reference from Twitter and thus it enhance Twitter embeds in two ways:

Content and Context

Embedded Tweets will display images, graphics,video, and summary. Also, it will show number of retweets to show engagement of the tweet with the users.



Easy to Use and Faster Loading

Unlike other ember codes, Twitter embeds will show up faster on the websites. Also it is easier to use. You just need to click “More” and Choose “Embed Tweet”.

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What Embedded Tweets Mean in SEO?

Of course, you won’t add useless stuffs in your website. It has to be fruitful and will give impact to your SEO Campaigns. As we all know Twitter empowers user engagements- the factor SEO is looking for a website. Embedding a Tweet in your website will allow association of ideas and words relevant to the brand.

Search engines especially Google and Bing showed that tweets can help boost rankings. If you embed the Tweet in your website and a user respond to it, the tweet will also be shown in the original tweet creating a social signal for your website. It will make you take these:

High quantity of real users on Twitter will give significant impact in your organic rankings

It will boost authority of the site since users will be encouraged to reply in the tweet on the page and will be sent back to the original tweet to view the conversation.

While tweets create social signals that help push the websites up for ranks, many believe that it’s not just the content that it is important but the whole context of the page suggesting that the original content influence the target. It will create large relevance in the web.

If you will embed the tweet in your website, it will automatically link you to your Twitter profile. It will increase Twitter interactions that will create social signal for your site. In a deeper sense, it’s helping your Twitter help your website gain popularity and organic rankings in the worldwide web. However, choosing what to embed in your website requires care for the tweet will not be changed or will show conversation in the website itself (only in the twitter account). It will show how many have taken their interest in the post.

Embedding Tweets in your website is useful if you are creating contents based on the tweet itself. As it will show images, graphics or videos, it will catch the attention of users. So, choose what to embed, make an informative content, and strike the way up the rankings in search engines.
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