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Facebook Page Statistics

Facebook is one of the leading social media sites. It is a platform offering different ways of strengthening a brand in the online marketplace. Since it has been the place where people spend most of their time at, the probability of gaining a potential customer is high. With a business Facebook page, you can see the numbers of “likers” that a brand has. These “likers” have the high possibility of becoming one of your customers. Accordingly, it will also represent how the businesses have created an impact to consumers.

In 2012, there has been steep competition in terms of popularity, brand strength and other key areas in business. Anyone can create a Facebook Page but this site rank pages with Brand Labels. You can see your ranks based on your locality and industry. The Local Page Ranks is considered a big step to understanding which brand got the strong brand presence.

Brand Presence

Pages are ranked based on fans, engagement rate, score and rating. From 2012 to 2013, there are big changes in ranking. According to Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab, some pages that gain top ranks in the previous years are nowhere of it now. It only means that businesses are now aggressive in their Facebook optimization.

Fan Pages Ratings

How Local Page Ranks can help you?

It may sound repetitive, but through different tools you can have an idea how your competitor is performing in the competition. Watching over your competitors’ performance is essential in drawing your own strategies. Knowing which countries you or the competitor’s fans come from is essential in creating a competitive advantage. Understanding your local distribution status will allow you to capitalize on your strength and develop in your weaknesses.

The data it will provide will let you analyze your strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As it is a precise ranking, you can directly identify your competitors and soon to be one (in terms of brand). Remember that jump in rankings were unexpected, you must be therefore prepare for it.

There might be plethora of tools you can use to be aggressive in competing with other business web owners. Because of social media intervention, the game is now between Search Engines and Social Media Sites. However, both Facebook and Twitter claimed that they are not into replacing search engines as their platform is intended for their users only.

Though Facebook seemed to be coping with what the search engine can offer, it is still recommendable to use both ways to gain a strong brand or image and eventually will let you earn more profit. With its Graph Search and Local Page Ranking System, you can work on your brand strengthening strategies without neglecting your campaign for organic rankings. As you can see both the search engine and social media sites can deliver growth for your business, perhaps in different ways.

When competition is heightened by different opportunities, the risk of gaining larger market share is high. One must look over what he or she slipping out. Social media is also a tool in strengthening a brand or an image. Neglecting its importance is the same as letting your competitors climb high while you remain stagnant and unimproved.

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