Facebook Graph Search: Clustering People’s Profile Plus Valuing SEO

Facebook Graph Search

With billion active users in Facebook, each of them posting different experiences in different places and circumstances you can’t get a chance to view it all. Facebook is an online album of memories. To businesses, it is an online directory of potential consumers.

Recently, Facebook launched its new tool to navigate profiles of connections. They call it the Graph Search. Mark Zuckerberg is a man with brilliant ideas to help people get connected with each other. Its mission to open and widen the world to get around with each other and share meaningful experiences must be at the verge of completion.

How The Graph Search Works?

As discussed by Facebook creator and CEO, it will be applicable, of course, to any Facebook user. See the search box when you open your account? That’s where you will search for stuffs you wanted to see. Using the search box, you can look for people, photos, places and interests.

That’s what Facebook are there for: to connect with people. However, it can be so hard to label them if you want to look at their profiles. You can further categorized them such as “friends living in the city”, or “people who enjoyed watching movies”. Facebook will generate the name of people who falls into the same category.

how graph search works
Source: Facebook.com

On the other hand, photos are the most searched about. With the Graph Search you can filter the photos you want to see. You can make searching very specific such as “photos after world war”, “photos with Hollywood stars”, etc. You can also look for people with same places and interests as well as description of it.

How these photos are filed under same categories? That is through tags, you can control your tags by going to your Activity Log tab. On the other hand, take note that results to your queries will only show shared items that can be found in any other pages in Facebook, this is because FB still values privacy settings. It means that you can only see what the profile owner set you to see.

Graph Search Versus Web Search

Graph Searches are basically intended for only shared items in Facebook. Also the manner of searching it can be very different. In web searches a user will use keywords for queries but in Graph Searchings, it will be keywords+other phrases. Searching in Graph Search is far narrowed down into specifics.

Web search is intended for everybody viewing yet Facebook is limited only to Facebook users and items are only shared because the owner set it to be viewable. Graph Search is a “social search engine” though Facebook have tapped Bing to fill some contents when it can’t be found on its own walls. It simply fills in the need to create an easy way of connecting and knowing with each other.

Graph search queries show specific results yet it will only show top suggestions for the specific query. It will be essential if you are looking for pages or images that have been liked by many fans. Facebook system will generate most relevant information but will be subjected and limited to profile owner’s setting.

How it Challenges Google and other search engines?

What if a user can’t find the one he is searching through graph search? The best option Facebook added is that user can opt to do searches with Bing and it was actually shared by Bing on its blog, its involvement on search or showcasing how search evolve in Facebook. It’s totally giving a unique user experience since according to Bing it is the innovation of search where in they will not only know more about their friends but also gaining information through web search.

Bing & Graph Search
Source: Bing.com

How it can Value SEO of Business Pages?

Although it is in beta stage but still business owners must prepare for its roll out since it will value the following:

Through the use of places in search term it will show local search results which is also challenging sites like foursquare, Google places and many more.

According to Facebook, search results will show the combination of people, interest and business or fan pages.

How to prepare for this opportunity?

Filling up with complete and accurate information about your business. Its name, vanity URL the category and everything you share on about section matters. You visibility depends on the information you have shared on your page.

To maximize your potential in the local search be sure that you have to share specific location or your local address.

Undeniably, social media is now an important mix of online marketing strategies. Facebook’s Graph Search simply lessens the burden of clustering people with same interests. It is essential in identifying right target markets. When it is easier to know people’s likes and dislikes, it will be easier to draw strategies that will catch their attention and eventually will influence their buying behaviors.

This is in beta stage, but have tried using this one? Insights? Share it below.

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