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facebookAs part of the social media marketing series let’s start with the basic guide in creating a Facebook page that must not be ignore. Sometimes we forgot the rules in building it and that is why to make our pages following the standards or rules, I have here guides that can help you create an ethically correct one.

Some Interesting Insights:

• According to about 41% for B2B (Business to Business) and 62% of B2C companies obtain customers using Facebook. It only shows that you can get lot of prospects through Facebook and mind actually most of our website traffic came from it.
• From Facebook: It’s a way of creating a solid relationship with your audience and customers.

7 Basic Guides Not to Ignore in Creating a Facebook Page:

1.Create a Facebook Page for your Business

Facebook Create Page

• Simply go to to create one and just follow the steps. Then start to fill out the information page, and remember your page must not be empty, must have address, hours, photos, etc. and if you have created a profile for your business, Facebook can now convert it to a business page just simply go .

• Profile to Business Page Migration

Profile to Business Page Migration

 Remember the following:
• It allows you to transfer your profile picture.
• Add all your friends and subscribers as people who like your page.
• Your account’s username will be the username of your page.
• Aside from profile picture, username and friends, no other content will be carried out so be sure to have a backup of your important content before starting the migration.
• Simply download a copy of your Facebook data; just go to your account settings.

Download your facebook information

• You’ll going to lose the admin authority with the group your managing, therefore simply appoint a new admin for that group.

2. Get your vanity url [ ]

vanity url for facebook page

• It must be related to your website or company name so that your fans can easily remember it and it is more shareable.
• And of course you need to move and promote it on all your marketing material just like your website.


• Using of generic terms such as “fries”
• Have Grammar Errors
• Including of character symbols like excessive punctuation and trademark
• Inclusion of unnecessary descriptions or qualifiers

3. Create a brand for your page through Profile Picture and Cover Photo

alseoblog facebook page cover

• Make it creative through using photo editing tool (e.g. Photoshop, paint or online photo editing tools like pixlr and etc. or you can simply use Facebook apps to crop your past images)
• Make your avatar speak out for your brand/company/product/service ( or simply post your logo )
• Must be unique

• Include covers having price or purchase information, such as what Facebook have given an example like “40% of” or “download it on ______”
• Putting website address, email, mailing address or any information that should be on about page section
• Giving features that calls to action such as “Like” or “Share” or having an arrow from the cover photo pointing to any of those features
• Calling to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”

*Actually sometimes we skip to read the terms and sometimes we accidentally did the don’ts and may this post remind us all that rules must be follow.

4. Start a Welcoming Post Update

welcome post

• Before inviting your fans, it now time to have first your first post and simply it’s a greeting or a welcoming post for your fans or when you’re starting a business it’s also a good time to invite your fans to your grand opening.

5. Start Customizing your apps

Start Customizing your apps

• Under your cover photo, your fans or visitors can now see your photos, applications, events and many more, therefore show the application that is useful for your fans.

6. Start inviting your friends or Existing Customers to like your page

• After making your page ready, it’s now time to invite your friends to like your page.
• Tell your existing customers that you have a Facebook page

7. Start posting that can create engagement or interaction with your fans

Posts that can help

• For example in my Facebook page for alseoblog it’s an area where I post my recent blog updates Or my insights on what I’ve search.
• It’s also a page where I can communicate with my readers.
• Simply sharing what’s can be helpful.

Simply just follow the rules and you’ll be safe in your Facebook adventures. And next  watch out for tips on engagement with your audience or customers, helpful tips that can create interaction with your fans.

Searching over the web you can find those sources that said that it would be best if you’ll going to do something like this or that , so after the 7 Basic Guides in creating a Facebook page, the next question would be is when and how often to start posting or what should I post?

Quick Notes to Remember for a Facebook Page

1. Composer: It is essential to post regularly to your fans and audience to get them updated the composer 2. Pinning a post: According to Facebook pinned post should anchor the most important story to the top of the Page for up to 7 days. And it is essential to use a consistent branded profile picture or image. Pinned Post 3. Star and hide stories:Star makes it possible to highlight important stories and hiding a story that is not essential and does not create interaction. With this it is essential according to Facebook to make the post that is visually engaging through using images or albums which can generate twice more engagement than other post types.

Star or Highlight the Story

Hide From page 4. Larger Stories: It is an opportunity to take advantage of the larger image post to driver more engagement. Larger Stories 5. Using of page insights: This is an essential measurement for a Facebook page where in you will see the number of people engage on your post or talking about your post. Page Insights 6. Milestone:One of the most interesting aspects of timeline which is use in defining the key moments of your company or page.


What’s next?

When or how often to post?

1. When starting a Facebook page, just 1 post per day from Monday to Saturday or during working days and through page insights it is essential to check the number of engagement.

2. If you will see the increase engagement you can now start posting more than 1 post per day where in the ideal post would be 3 times a day, since the important goal is to generate comments or interaction.

3. It is essential also to consider the time zone of your fans especially when you’re handling an international fan site for example on what Mari Smith has posted on, “you would probably post between 08:15 am PST and 2:00pm PST” or simply know where you’re fans or audience are coming from.

What to post?

Status bar

1. Blog Updates: You can simply share your blog updates here just make sure that your Meta title and description are complete.

2. Poll Questions: You can post poll questions that can be useful in your content creation or simply give you hint on what they are interested with. And with that you can start working around it and cater your next post about it.

3. Pictures : You can simply upload your photos or connect your flickr account where in it has description and its geo coded or just add Flickr App. Tagging images with your fans can also be of great help in order that they see automatically your latest image post.

4. Videos: You can use animoto or other video tools in creating videos or you can simply get videos through connecting your Youtube channel to your account or a Youtube App .

5. Interesting post related to your niche: You can join to know blogs related to you.

6. Mixed type of post: insights, news, tips, tools, resources, just stay focus on the topic

7. Events: Virtual or live event coming up or if you’re going to host a group chat or webinar you can share it on your fans.

8. @Tags: Using @tags strategically on your post can create direct engagement or mention wherein you can include up to 6 @tags which will show on your friends wall or other fan pages, simply type the @ then put the name of your friend or a page name.

9. Notes app: Used to import blog or simply write about your personal views or experiences

10. Links : Where in Facebook display a preview for this, so therefore you should complete the Meta title and description of your blog. And actually you can customize it and delete the preview.

11. Slideshare Apps :Same as adding your YouTube channel you can add slideshare app that can connect your slideshare account and therefore showcase your documents that can be helpful to your viewers.

12. Open Graph: If you have ideas on creating app that can be helpful to others , just simply go to open graph and share the apps to your fans or audience.

How to attract comments, likes or interaction?

1. Asking questions on your wall posts.
2. Commenting on your friend posts or other pages related to you.
3. Reply to fans or audience comments or ASAP.
4. Make sure that you have added a Facebook button or a share button on your blog page.
5. Posting Relevant Content.
6. Join Group Related on your Niche and start collaboration.
7. Promote page through Facebook Ads.
8. Adding or launching contest make sure not to violate the terms.
9. Integrate Facebook with your twitter and Google plus account.
10.Reply also to personal messages sent to you.

  And lastly always understand the value of Edgerank where in it’s the Facebook algorithm what get shown in the user’s news feed, where in you will notice that not all of your post being published will be seen by your fans. It essential that your post must have an edge in order to get noticed or it is something that will become viral where it’s a post having comments, like, share or tag and when the post have edge it is more likely visible to your fans user feed, therefore it is essential to post an engaging content. And make them feel your presence!

Poll Questions

So, what’s your Facebook experience?

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