Facebook Page Guidelines Changes: For Better or Worse?

facebook page guidelines

Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites used by a billion of users. It has evolved as a virtual community where businesses and consumers can meet, interact and promote. Facebook pages are the exact place where you can see what the company is doing and how far it can help to consumers. Facebook pages used to have strict guidelines especially on its cover photo and page management. And last March 6, it updates its Page guidelines and made some changes.

Previous prohibitions On Cover Photos of a Facebook Page…

facebook guidelines before

Facebook Page Guidelines Update: Changes made for Cover

However, it was modified prohibiting only to “no more than 20 percent of an image can be text”. How will it change Facebook optimization?

And the recent Facebook Page Cover Guidelines…

Recent Facebook Guidelines

Page management guidelines are very simple and basic.

page management guidelines

First, it will be the main focus of every social marketers. As you can now put your best deals such as “50% off, for limited time only, visit this website, etc., social marketers can extract its creative juice to entice users in getting to their website. What you can do with Facebook Page that is open to advertisement?

• Direct Promotion

• Update of Sale and Company Performance

• Use of Product Images

• Increase Interaction

• many more…

As Facebook loosen its rules to look “simpler, it opens an opportunity to social marketers to become more aggressive in providing engaging lay out and interest-triggering statements. It will allow a direct statement of offering such that of call to action (CTA) buttons, extend reach because of becoming more public, and higher conversion rates due to real time sales offers.

Logically, this move of Facebook is beneficial to social marketers because it gives them a wider spectrum in terms of reaching to their consumers. However, it made Facebook an accumulation of pages that are advertorial in nature.

Drawbacks? Facebook thought that this will help businesses, yes, it’s true yet it doesn’t really give a 100% positive effect. Certainly, because pages will look spammy and dummy. As fake accounts can be made in Facebook, pages can be made to simply crowd the network with advertising campaigns, much more it will be prone to utilization of hackers and illegal activities in the web.

The update on its guideline makes it more appealing to social marketers but not providing credibility to Facebook. If the network will be bombarded with fake pages aiming to lure the consumers, a time will come that everything posted on it will not be believed by consumers. As I am a social marketer myself, I consider this as positive because I will be flexible and free in providing contents of my cover photo. The game here is about making contents of cover photo that will catch attention, invite for website visit, and relay the message the company wants to impart with target consumers.

Postscript: As Facebook had some issues with security and privacy settings. The content of the page must assure consumers welfare.

For more information about the latest updates on its Page Guidelines, find it here.

I always believe that using Facebook in our campaign can truly help in organic SEO or it can contribute to the visibility and brand awareness of a website. So it is truly essential to use it wisely.

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