How to Find for Local Citation Sites?

how to find local citation sites

Previously I have answered the question if local visibility matters especially in Google . And since there is truly a need for local search listing visibility, it is self-fulfilling if we can able to have some knowledge on how we can find them. We do not just need to be present with just Google Local, we have to work also on other local listing sites since there are also prospects coming on this sites.

So, how we can find for local citation sites?

Finding it through Search

1. Mining Competitor’s Local listing Resources with Google Local Search

I’ve actually introduced this one, where in all you have to do is Google a Keyword and look for local search results then seek for the local citations sites of your competitor. It’s truly simple.

See it below:

local listing resources with Google local search
Gotcha! Google Shows It

2.Using Search Operators to Find Your Competitor’s Citations

This is actually inspired Erin Evehart post at SEL, about where you can get citations for local SEO. All you need to do is to identify your competitors’ sites, and then look what they are doing while competing with you, since they may have more local citations. To start, all you need to do is to  identify their business name get their location, phone numbers or zip codes. Those data are needed in your search for their local citations.

Below are the search operators you can use:

• “Business name” “exact local location”
• “Business name” “local phone number”
• “Business name” “zip code”
• “Business name” “State”
• “Business name” “City+State”
• “Business name” + “local address”+ “phone number” (Or you can have other variation, just have experiment with the codes)

For example, I will use here the details of Starbucks in Washington, DC

• “Starbucks” “Washington, DC 20024”
• “Starbucks” “(202) 488-6366”
• “Starbucks” “20024”
• “Starbucks” “Washington dc”

Below you can see the results using search code: “Starbucks” “(202) 488-6366”.

starbucks local citation sites
Fast results and easy to use!

As you can see above most of the results are from their local citation sites. This is another easy trick to find what your competitor are doing with local listings, it is another way of analyzing also why their rankings are much better than you are, so you need to check also how they set up those citations and most importantly observe the activities involved like the reviews or votes.

3. Searching for list

All you need to do is to key in “list of local citation sites” on search engines where in you will find something like what I’ve created: local business listing or you can do with some experiment to find this kind of list.

Using Tools

Yes, there are tools that can help find easily for local citation sites, all you need to do is to set up the information and you’re on your way to find citations. I’ve actually mentioned some of the tools on my previous post about secrets in optimizing local citations sites.

1. WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder

All you got to do is create a campaign.

According to this local citation finder can show an average of “245 citation sources per keyphrase”. You can actually try it for free.


This is actually in partnership with whitespark, using getlisted you will know the best sources for local citations based on city and through category. That’s truly a big hint for you.

best sources by category
Get listed on top citation sources.

3. Brightlocal Citation tracker

Using this tool you can run citation search all you have to do is fill in the needed information.

brightlocal citation tracker
Fill the details and run citation search.

4.Yext Powerlisting

Let you see how your business appears on local citation sites. Or let you scans for your competitor’s citations.

yext powerlisting

yext powerscan

Using Social Networks to Go Local

Through Social Networks, you can find features that are related to local search and below are the list of social networks having local search features:

1. Foursquare
2. Facebook Nearby
3. Twitter
4. LinkedIn
5. Google+ Local

It’s truly easy to use. All you need to do is be resourceful. Search and you’ll find. Even in a SEO specialist point of view I always recommend to put an effort in doing local SEO. There are lots of opportunities awaiting. Remember when you find local citation sites, it is not just enough to fill needed information. You must also optimize those citations for maximum visibility.

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