How to Fix Duplicate Meta Description for Multilingual Site

fixing duplicate meta description with multilingual sites

This is another edition of my SEO consultation with one of my clients wherein he got a problem with his website that is considered multi-lingual because aside from English, it is also using French and Spanish.

Are you handling a Multilingual Site? It is a website offering content in more than once language. Maybe you found something like this, a problem on your Google Webmaster tool under HTML Improvements. Something like what I have found out below.

Duplicate Meta Description for Multilingual Site

pages with duplicate meta description

It creates duplicate Meta Description. Meta descriptions are HTML attributes, giving an overall overview about the website contents. This is important in SEO because it is the preview snippet shown in search engine results page. As short as 155 characters you have to give a concise explanation what the site is about. It plays a significant role for Google and the users.

What’s the Effect of Having Duplicate Meta Description?

This is based on one of the Webmaster World forum, wherein the following is the major highlight of their discussion.

• It affects the visibility of your website which can affect the ranking of your pages

• It can affect indexing problem. Google may view it as a different site copying from another site when in fact it is just one and the same.

• As meta descriptions appear in the SERP, it may disregarded by the local user, if the language used is not a native one.

Fixing the Duplicate Meta Description for a Multilingual site Using WPML

WPML is a multilingual plugin for WordPress sites where in you can view its features here.

Let’s see if it works?

Let take a look on site .

On its English page here is the description:

English Meta description

French Meta Description:

French Meta description

As you can see the site is producing unique Meta-Description.

Quick Note:

Sometimes Google does not read the set Meta description, it is sometimes basing from the content of the page.

google search with multilingual site

For Google the best Solution would be:

You have to translate the content and put them on separate domains which mean that each domain will have their own Meta Description. That is the best way in handling localized content for different languages or countries.

With Matt Cutts video above, you can conclude how duplicate meta descriptions can be resolved. Meta descriptions are very important not just to Google but also to your users. However, you may not control how your users will react if the language is barely understandable on their perspective, also you can’t afford to jeopardize its functions on SEO.

Translate is an automatic option for users however, it is not efficient and effective to make the website appear more readable to a local consumer without creating duplicate contents. Google understands that registering a domain intended for a specific country can cause a lot yet the investment will be worth because you will be getting the right responses of both the search engine, predominantly Google, and the consumers per se. Before you go for translating your content, let an SEO Expert relay to you how it can be properly executed so that your website will function on its optimum performance to generate maximum results out of investment and target markets.

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