GetListed New Look: How it can help local SEO?


Online competition is not for big businesses alone. Google opened an opportunity for small-medium businesses to compete and cater the niche market they are serving for. There have been several strategies to keep abreast of local SEO. However, it is hard to determine when your listing has been updated and how it has been accepted by the target market. is a look up for your business listings. The site has been updated with a few improved features that can help your local SEO campaign. It will allow you to check your listings on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

It is pretty easy to use.

check my listing

Just key in your business name and zip code and your listings will generate. If your business has not been listed in major search engines. You will be directed to sources where you can provide a listing for your business.

getlisted suggestion

The results are consistent and will give you a chance to see how the people has responded to your website. Ratings, reviews, and “to do” task bars will give you an idea how you can improve your listing. You can even find sources where your listings were not yet made.

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So, how will it help your Local SEO?

Being in the local SEO requires you to be very particular of the detail of your address, phone number and website. It is your direct link towards potential customers, when your listings are not found, it will mean an opportunity loss on your part. is focused. As you can see the dashboard has removed the clutter of favicon-style search engine logos. It will provide an easy access to your site.

It also provides the reviews of your customers. Through this you can improve further on your website, the services you are offering or the products you are selling. Besides that is what Local SEO is about.

Another feature on its dashboard is “what to do”. Through this you can provide your own local listing carefully and completely. Sometimes a listing is not accepted because it lacks some information of the owner or the establishment.

The site can provide an overall view of your listings in different search engines. It will correct erroneous information or in providing updates of information.

An organized site can help you perform better local listing strategy. With Getlisted’s new look you don’t have to jump page by page, instead it will be able in one page alone. It is easier and comfortable.

Local SEO is in demand especially to small business. Local listings, PPC, etc provides a higher chance for higher conversion rates. From Getlisted’s information, here is why you should contemplate on your Local SEO.

local seo stat

If your business listings are accurate and updated you can convert this potential to sales figures. As one of the local SEO experts, I am grateful for this new interface of You can try your own business here. Check, evaluate and edit if your information was not accurate. It will save you from future inaccuracies.

Have you tried using it?  You can share your experiences below.

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