Getting Site Contact Information for Link Removal Request

getting site contact details

I’ll talk about another edition of my SEO Consultation. It is an instance wherein one client is asking for tips on locating emails of a webmaster or admin of a site when you are requesting for link removal. I have actually experienced this kind of scenario. In one of my previous posts about Negative SEO and Content Scraping, I have stated that on those kinds of sites contact information is not listed. Thus, you can’t ask your link to be removed. We all know that there is lot of consequences to face if you are not going to remove spammy links. The worst thing that you can face is that you will be penalized and cannot be seen in Google Search Result.

Action Plan for Spammy Links Removal if there is No Contact Info Found

WhoIsHostingThis? (

WhoIsHostingThis can help you in discovering who is currently hosting the website. Additional information you can get with this one, when you check a website you can also read reviews about the hosting site, you can also know the website IP address plus the WHOIS data.

What you need to do?

• Enter the domain.

enter the domain

Then just click the search button. You will be prompted to the information of the registration information of the website.

• Take note of the hosting.

Why we need the hosting? It is simply one of the best last options to contact if we cannot still find the webmaster or admin email using the WHOIS feature. Contacting the hosting company can be the best option in helping the online world to have a cleaner environment. It is also a good way to make them aware that a website is generating spam or was built just for spamming, so it is time to stop them by ot allowing them to go online. It is also beneficial when some website is doing negative SEO to another website (just like what I have experience).

And here is the example result when you are going to check the domain:


As you can see the site is hosted with Servint. For example if the site is spamming you can contact Servint. And actually almost all of the hosting company have contact information, so it is easy to send them an email.

• Checking the WHOIS link.

When you are going to click the WHOIS link, you will be prompted to another tab, all you need to do first is enter the access code.

whois verify code

After this code verification you are now going to see the website WHOIS data, wherein you can able to see the contact email of the website admin.

whois data

We can use that email if we haven’t found the email on the website.

Naturally, when the website is made to spam, you would find it hard to locate its contact details. So you need to make a try on this one. Whois is the best option when looking for domain information. This one is just a simple solution based on experience and this one really works. We can help in cleaning the online community and supporting in generating relevant results or content on SERPs. This boils down to the idea that if we can contact the site builder or the webmaster, why not go one giving life to a website through the HOSTING company. I am hoping that you can find it also helpful in your link removal request.

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