What Search Engine Dominates the Virtual World?

Search Engine Dominating the Virtual World

Everything now is a composite of instantaneous processes in the internet, and the minds of the youngsters have already been influenced by this unstoppable evolution. Thus, the role of the search engines is getting critical while the days are continually passing by. They serve as a great instrument for people to get instant answers for their queries, and a potent tool for businesses to grow amidst the close competition in the web.

searchingMy personal experience can testify how a search engine can change a life and business. Through its features and services, anyone can have results immediately. And in just a click of the mouse, you’ll see how wide the world is, and how countless the opportunities can be if you know how to find the right people at the safe place. Needless to say, you can have what you’re looking for – images, research articles, news, videos, etc in just a second or two.

Truly, using search engines is a comfort, and being involved in their regular business is more than just an awe or amazement; it’s fantastically a blessing to every ordinary user, businessman, and SEO masters. But have you ever asked yourself about how these search engines compete with each other, or their performance and ranking around the globe? Is it really the Google that is dominating the virtual world? Well, with 66.7% search market share in the US-based on the September 2012 data of Comscore, it is really true even if you compare such with the combined percentage of Bing and Yahoo.

Nevertheless, what’s interesting to discover is what search engine is number “one” in the heart of global and local users throughout the years. Here are the following facts from different sources, and my own analysis:

What Search Engine Has the Biggest Global Market Share?

With the factual data and statistics about the global searches and market since 1998, you’ll certainly get fascinated how the performance of the search engines moved up-side-down. And why is this important for you to know? Well, if you’re aware what search engines are on top, you’ll know what to do and where to focus on so you could make your site visible among global and/or local users, and eventually increase your traffic.

Here are the chart and graph of the Search Engines Market Share around the World in September and October 2012:


Search Engine Market Share by Net Market Share

Source: StatCounter Global Stats

Global Search Engine Market Share

And the Winner is…

Google  still on Top

Apparently, based on the above-given data, Google is still the leading search engine around the globe today.

You need also to consider…

Cross Border SEO. When you have a local business and want to reach your target audience, then it’s necessary for you to consider first the search engine which most users are using in the area. If you’re in China, for instance, Baidu is a great option to focus on since the data from StatCounter revealed that it is a leading market share in the place with 69.4% search market share. While if you want to reach out in Russia, the YANDEX RU can be your efficient way to complement Google since it receives 40.01 search market share.

And obviously, if you want your business to exist on those local engines, you need to consider having staff who know the language, culture, and law of the place so you can easily connect or relate with your local users. Anyhow, that’s really one great initiative if you do since China and Russia are two of the top twenty countries with the highest number of internet users around the world. China being number one with 513.1 million of users, and the United States having 245.2 million of users got the next place. Thus, if you’re number one in Baidu, it’s just like saying that you have already the majority of global users, and that alone can secure your local site on top.

However, even if you’re focusing on local search engines, you still must not forget Google since it competes locally and globally. It is being used by local users, and if your site has a good rank there, then it can still connect your business with its target audience. That’s how versatile Google is.

Why Google is On Top?

Google is ultimately dominating the virtual world, and the mystery left in mind of some people is the answer to “why”? Well, there are a lot of factors which we can’t directly fathom or conclude. At any rate, what’s important is we already know where we should focus on to reach a large number of users for the progress of our online venture. Hence, if you want to be on top, you should stick on the one which you can bring you there. But, of course, it’s not an instant process, you need to exert more than just effort; it’s your SEO strategies which can define the victory of your site.

Nevertheless, it’s not just about what the search engine can do for your site. You have to do or feed something which can make it be recognized not just by Google, but also by your users. And this element revolves in QUALITY and RELEVANCE. It is simply feeding the searchers with valuable and relevant contents to make their searching experience a truly ideal one!

Aside from the above mentioned, you can also get inspiring answers from Larry Page in its Zeitgeist Q&A on October 2012:


The developments in the search engines which have also changed the course of life in SEO has really inspired me in pursuing our goals to be on top amidst the challenges of new updates and unpredictable game in the search engine ranking. I always think to be on top like how the Google did which also started as a neophyte yet it was able to show the world how influential it can be in users’ life and business. That is why we continually share you our knowledge and ideas about current issues concerning the status and updates about the search engines through our well-researched studies and substantial feeds.

Though it’s really inevitable to encounter problems sometimes, but that’s part of success. You have to learn great lessons in life through experience, and you can efficiently absorb them if you’re not afraid to accept everything including failure. And as what Larry said, “if you want to achieve your goal, you need to work and fight for it.”

Yes, being in the Search Engine World is about winning and losing the fight. But you know what’s amazing to be part of such virtual dimension? It’s the opportunity to know how people change themselves while living a pseudo life in the internet, and on how brilliant ideas transform lives and businesses in just a “mighty” click of the mouse!

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