Can You Dominate the Market with Google Adwords?

Google adwords

Google AdwordsOnline advertising is already a common promotional strategy among the business entities that want to instantly reach their prospects in the web and establish their brands or products’ identity right there and then. And one form of this virtual advertisement is the Pay-per-click (PPC) wherein the advertiser pays for the website’s traffic on a per visitor or click basis, which means that for each click of the ad, one visitor is delivered to the website.

Currently, the most common PPC advertising is Google AdWords. It is the search engine’s ad system where most business revenues come from. How does it function? The system allows the advertisers to target their audience using the precise advertising materials. It also lets users to define a list of keywords that serve as a trigger for the advertisement. And once triggered, it will then display the associated or relative advertisements; thus, helping businesses to easily and appropriately target the users who might be more interested in their products or services.

To better understand what Adwords is, you can watch a video on this link:

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What Does the Statistics Reveal About the Google Adwords?

The data from Google’s Economic Impact United States 2011 revealed the following findings:

•  According to the estimate of Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, the businesses generally make an average of $2 profit for every dollar spent on Adwords;

• Academic researchers Bernard Jansen and Amanda Spink estimated that the businesses receive an average of five (5) clicks on their search results for each click on their ads;

If you want to scan or review the important points about the Adwords, here is the comprehensive list of Elisa Gabbert of Wordstream.

What are the Advantages of Adwords?

Since you want to Maximize your Profit through effective advertising, the Adwords can be beneficial in the following reasons:

Since you want to Maximize your Profit through effective advertising, the Adwords can be beneficial in the following reasons:

1. Helps in benchmarking process because it knows where to properly position your Ads; thus, giving you edge to compete in your market;

2. Provides instant and consistent higher visibility through continuous online campaign. Specifically, if it used together with a valuable SEO strategy, Adwords can bring instant traffic even though you are not yet ranking on organic results and if you will have a continuous advertisement it will also provide consistent visibility to targeted users;

3. It is highly customizable. Because of this feature, you can select the right keyword to be used. You also decide what days and hours the advertisement should run. It can likewise target either one or multiple ads with one or multiple trigger words. Yet, the advertisements may also be linked into an ad network of the products and websites to increase ad exposure. And such option will allow the user to place ads on other sites of Google’s network and that of AOL and;

4. Best for Brand Exposure. Since this is highlighted, and is primarily intended to your prospects, it can, therefore, be best for brand exposure. And additionally, your ads can likewise show up with other related searches;

5. You can work or advertise based on your budget. One best thing about AdWords is that you can control what amount you will use in each click or on your campaign;

6. Reaches the Right Target market by tailoring the ads based on your audience’s location;

7. Reaches various users. Since Google AdWords has created partnership with a lot of quality sites it can able to show its ads to various audience who may also turn as your potential prospects.

8. You can track the results. Placement Performance Report is provided in order that you will know where your ads appeared and also included various metrics being used like impressions, number of clicks, its cost and conversion data. And by having this kind of data it will make you fully understand why your campaign became successful or a failure. If it is a failing one you will have the data that can be used for your adjustment.

What Does the Adwords Imply in SEO and Other Business Industries?

As I have analyzed the current trends in business advertising and promotions, I was able to derive at the following implications of the PPC campaign and Google Adwords in businesses that exist in the web and are utilizing the internet for revenue purposes:

• Organic Search Ranking Results seem to be inadequate in reaching a large market;
• If the PPC or the Adwords will be integrated with SEO strategies, the possibility of converting the traffic into leads will become higher;
• Adwords is one efficient way to ensure relevance in search results and hit a specific market;
• The Ads accompanied in the sites clicked by the users have positive effect in the site’s traffic and promotion of the business;
• Revenue rate of a business will be increased with the use of online ads being directed by the search engine to the users.

Additional Insights based on the wordstream research :

Top 10 industries that spent the Most in Google Ads

By using the Adwords, you can definitely complement your organic search optimization to make your business more visible and attractive among the online users. However, you should note that for your PPC campaign to become more productive, there should be someone who is expert in using the said system. In such case, I can be of great help to make the Adword a part of your SEO strategies

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