Why an Ad may be Disapproved by Google Adwords?

Google Adwords disapproved ads

Adwords DisapprovedGoogle Adwords has already been proven to be an efficient online marketing tool for products and services, and as one way to boost the site’s traffic especially if you are not yet getting good ranking in organic search results. But the problem, however, is when your ad gets disapproved and you do not know the reason for such. That is one crucial matter which answer lies to the advertising policies.

The reason of your disapproval might be due to your own error by not properly following the said policies. It is, therefore, necessary that you should have broad understanding about the use of the Adwords in your online campaign and other important rules which might likewise affect your ad’s status.

But what if you are not yet familiar with the policies and your ad gets disapproved, what will you do?

There are two major solutions to be done according to Google Adwords:

1. Learn why the Ad was disapproved

Knowing first about the reason for the disapproval is essential since you will be able to know why your ad got rejected, and then correct the problem. One way to do that is to check it through the disapproval email or through the speech bubble near the Disapproved status. And you should analyze and understand based thereon the main reason or the factors that led you to the undesirable result.

2. Ad Editing and Resubmission for Review

If you already knew the reason why your ad had been disapproved, then the next thing to do is to apply the solution which is to edit your ad based on the advertising policies or rules. After which, you may try to submit your ad again for review.

Below is the example of a healthcare and medicines ad which has been disapproved:

Ad Disapproved

What is the Reason for the Disapproval?

We all know that healthcare-related products and services have substantial effects on human health, and that is the reason why Google Adwords has restrictions in promoting this kind of products for the safety or benefit of the users. Hence, there is a need for the advertiser to comply with the requirements such as, for instance, getting an online pharmacy certification that sample ad to be disapproved.

The requirement for ONLINE PHARMACY CERTIFICATION means that your ad or website is promoting prescriptive drugs or related products, but Google does not certify your account. You can check the online pharmacy and product legitimacy through legitscript.com which is also provided by Google.

Legit Script

You can also view the policy and guidelines for pharmaceutical products or services here.

What other Reasons Why an Ad maybe Disapproved?

Aside from not following the policies and complying with the requirements, your ad may also get disapproval when the product or service to be advertised is covered by state laws or conditions which the advertiser must follow.

As to the online pharmacies, for example, you are allowed to promote such provided that you have the permission to do so in your country and you are not prohibited to advertise in the state that you are targeting. On the other hand, the Pharmaceutical manufacturers or supplements are allowed only when the site is informational, but not when the drugs are being prescribed in the site.

You can see the list of drugs being monitored by Google here.

How About the Promotion of Medical Devices?

Currently, they are not allowed to be promoted outside the US and Canada. Likewise, the clinical trial recruitment and enrollment, and HIV home and secret paternity tests are also prohibited.

Why Google is Strict about this?

In line with its goal to enhance users’ searching experience for informative and valuable contents, this is perhaps one step for the achievement of such. And this may also be their way to ensure that the safety of the users is on top of the priorities.

What are the Solutions for Your Ads to be Approved?

Follow the Advertising Policies

• Comply with the Requirements – the requirements vary depending on the kind of product or service being promoted; thus, you have to familiarize those which relate to your business.

• Consider the State where You Intend to Market your Product or Service – why? Because the laws in different states vary. For example, in Australia prescription of drug names is not allowed, but this rule may not be applicable to other countries.

There is really no other best solution to avoid disapproval of your ad from Google Adwords than following the advertising policies and rules, and by thinking about the safety and benefit of the users all the time! And if it involves technical problems like disapproval due to the use of keywords, you need others opinion about this or you can contact direct support from Google Adwords team in order that your ad will not be disapprove.


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