Does Google Adwords Affect the Site’s Organic Rankings?

Google Adwords on Organic Rankings

google adwords on organic search results rankings

Google Adwords is one form of Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that is primarily intended to boost the sales of products or services by increasing the website’s traffic and reaching the specific market which the advertiser desires. However, there are currently misconceptions about how this technology affects the site’s ranking and whether the search engine really favors those who avail it in terms of organic online visibility.

That is somewhat uncommon to ask about because the payment is given not because of the search engine, but of the results which can help the businesses achieve their goal. Otherwise stated, it is only a marketing solution for the website owners who want to enhance their promotional strategies. But let us analyze the issues being raised with regard to the Adwords:

What Types of Sites Can Use the Adwords?

All types of sites can use Adwords for their online campaign or for SEO purposes. Google did not restrict it to be used only by those who are involved in commercial businesses; thus, even if a lawyer site, for instance, can avail of it to further reach its prospects in a larger yet specific market.

Is there Really a “Conspiracy” during the Algorithm Process?

According to Matt, the algorithm in generating the search ranking results are still the same, as though he was trying to say that the use of Adwords by the website masters does not affect how the Google evaluate or rank a certain site. He even clarified that while some users alleged of ‘conspiracy theories’ about Google’s algorithmic process, the truth is still that people who use it don’t get “special treatment” just because they happen to use the said Google’s paid service.

Does Google Favor Some Sites over the Others?

This was what the question from one client of Adwords, Christoffel Hiltermann of Dublin, which Matt Cutts answered in a video. Specifically, he asked :

Adwords and Ranking Question

Matt said that Google desires users to use  “exact same support channels” for everyone using the Internet, and wants to guarantee all AdWords users can receive the same service, and it do not resort to favoritism in offering the service. He further supported it by saying that the teams for Sales and Quality of the search engine were trained to ensure fair treatment with various advertisers. And actually,the most significant drive for them is that they running having the aim of being neutral or fair to both parties even you are an advertiser or  a webmaster not engaging with Adwords who is just ensuring the quality of the site.

You can view the video and listen to the full answer of Matt Cutts here:


As to the query whether the Adwords really affects the site’s ranking, the answer of Google team is this:

Adwords customers do not get special organic ranking.

Therefore, it only shows that still the quality of the site is important in order that you gain ranking in the organic search results but Adwords can be a great tool in maximizing visibility where in it can cater Ads to targeted market and also helpful for instant visibility.

Why the Adwords Really Matter in Advertising and SEO?

The answer is obvious:

It affects the visibility of the site and the sales or leads of the products or services being advertised or promoted therein. I have actually featured the advantages of Adwords as an online advertising platform.

Adwords can be great if you are starting with a NEW website since it can drive instant visibility, so while waiting to rank for organic results it can be an effective way to be seen by target markets.

Helpful when you experienced dropped in rankings and while you are recovering from the updates. Due to tight competition you can experienced dropped in rankings so Adwords can be helpful in driving traffic to your site. Aside from that when your rankings was loss because your site was affected by the updates while recovering you can still be seen in Google through Adwords. Just make sure that you have made changes that follows the webmaster guidelines for the effectiveness of your advertisement. By assuring the quality of your website the clicks of your targeted audience will not end up to disappointment. Remember that in online advertisement especially using a website as the place for customer transaction, it must be the answer to the need or what a user is looking for.

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