Google Algorithm Update To Eliminate Duplicate Contents

eliminate duplicate content

The biggest search engine in the world has recently released a Google Alogarithm Update which gives an impact to the keywords rankings and traffic of some websites considered to have a low value add or sites that are not very useful to users. Technically, this action was done to eliminate low quality sites and give high rankings to the high quality sites . Google stressed that they want to protect the users from the so called “content farms”. Some of you may not be familiar of the term so let me enjoy the privileged to divulge information about this. The term “content farms” is used to describe a company that hires large number of writers to produce many articles as textual contents for their sites. Basically, “content farms” aimed to attract readers in order to gain an advertising revenue. Content farms has really no use because of the fact that they employ many authors to write an article who is not even familiar or doesn’t have an idea with the topic that he or she is going to write. So what usually happen here is that, they try get more visitors, then, these visitors will click the ads which can be find in that content farms sites and as a result, the content farm owners will gain a high advertising revenue.

Another thing mentioned by Google for releasing this update is to eliminate all the scraper spam which always poses a great threat to many websites. These scarper spam was created by some scraper site to copy all the content of other websites – also for the purpose of collecting some advertising revenue. Google is really serious about this matter. They have even decided to do more updates just to ensure a good quality of pages in their search results. It was stated that the the outbreak of Google Alogarithm Update had greatly affects many websites and their rankings. Hence, many of them have decided to improve their On-Site Copy. Some of these improvements are the following: First, to improve their content pages such as the spelling and grammar, the sentence and the paragraph structures, the originality and relevance of those articles and also the keyword relevance. Remember that sites were created for the visitors and not for search engines therefore it is necessary that the article must be original and not just a copy-paste information from other websites.

If you are an owner of a certain website who is aiming to save the ranking of your site from Google Alogarithm Update, try to apply the aforementioned tips and exert much effort by strictly watching the contents that are being published in your content page and making sure that those articles are of high quality and has a relevant idea.

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