Rumored “Big Google Algorithm Update”: Felt But Unconfirmed?

Google Algorithm Update

Recent threads from the WebmasterWorld forum show resentments and sighs from different web owners because they are currently experiencing a big flux on their rankings. They are hinting that the big Penguin Update announced by Matt Cutts during the latest SMX West Conference has been rolled out. How can you say that an algorithm update was rolled out?

1) Higher than normal Google Fluctuation
2) Gigantic drops on page visits
3) Huge Number of Complaints on forums

Even you will examine the results through using MozCast, SERPmetrics and SERPs Volatility Index you will see that the increasing fluctuation where in there is something happening in Google Search but of course we truly don’t if it is an update or what kind of update it is but it only implies that in the future we will discover the “Big Google Algorithm Update” happened.

Although there seemed to be an update but why Google didn’t find time to announce? From their statement,

Google statement

Fluctuations in organic rankings also hit my website. Yet, it seemed to be moving on the positive side. For example last week my site was on the second page for certain keyword like SEO Expert , but before this week ends, it recovered and get back to first page. Not just on my site, some webmasters though not a lot of them gained better rankings. But still a lot are still complaining. What would that imply?

I don’t want to lift my chair high, but these few weeks, I really have tried to strictly follow the webmaster guidelines and it seemed to be going smoothly. Before going into conclusion if there was any update rolled out, let’s get a little flash back to previous algorithm refreshes.

When Panda Updates were rolled it was not also announced yet been confirmed by Google. We just felt it, ping Google and they responded that there really was an update. Even with Penguin Update, we are simply experiencing the update but not confirmed or just belatedly announced by Google team.

Can we say that there was an update that yet to be confirmed? Consider that these past few months Google has penalized large websites and even those who got big names in the industry. Also, May is a season, is it not that Google prioritize websites that are seasonal? These are some things we can’t still conclude. Just to reiterate though, there has been big changes in search results. You need to check your website performance, and see where your sites have messed out or will mess out before the “rumored update” be confirmed.

Google didn’t announce any big algorithm updates, we can stick by that. Perhaps they were just rerunning the algorithm and that some websites were incidentally greatly affected. As they said they are doing this action many times and so we really can expect that sometimes rankings will fluctuate with or without updates. Therefore, we should not be complacent about our SEO strategies. Whether there is an update or not, it still gives us the reason to do better in our strategy. There are guidelines that can serve as backbone for every SEO endeavors. Just do it right all the time.

What do you think? Have felt it also? Share your thoughts below.

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