Google Authorship: What’s More Than an Image and a Name?

Google Authorship

Google has come a long way to ensure that the searchers are getting what they are after when they hit the search bar. With spammy contents eliminated, plenty of websites penalized, the algorithm is designed to be stricter to protect the interest of every user. Now, the benefits are two way, for its is not only the right of the users to be given the highest value, also, authors are credited for their endeavor to provide original information for the benefit of everyone.

Google launched another flagship feature that differentiates the search engine from the others when a user enters search queries. If you happen to search for a name, a topic, or a blog title:

Google Authorship

You will notice that the Name of the Author and An Image of him links to the content he have made. To some users it might be a picture to simply break the monotony of the white search engine results page, but its benefits for the authors are more than that. It gives an idea that the blog post or the written content is credible and trustworthy since the picture of the author is clearly visible on the page.

Why is it important to Link your Content?

According to Google :

It is a competitive advantage for the authors.

If you are an author, it enables you to see the analytics data for your content being searched. It gives you an opportunity to see in which among your content should be given more focus.
It improves your visibility, thus, you are known to be the author of that content.
It can help you to gain followers for your Google+ account.
It helps your readers discover other content in the web you have written. Based on the example above, if you click “More by Al Gomez” you will see other content written by him. It is the same with other authors.

Valuable to the Web

It helps the user find valuable content in the web.
It creates a connection between the author and the reader/user through the social network Google+.

Al’s Corner:

Google Authorship for me has become a way to give importance to the content authors. It is one way of making you acknowledged by searchers on the web especially when they have seen your content in top positions. It means additional credit for you to be recognized on the web especially on the biggest search engine in the world, plus the icon added can empower engagement in Google+. It boosts your CREDIBILITY. Additionally, your Google+ can be a great hub to showcase to your network where can you be found aside from your blog.

How to make this possible?

It’s truly simple to follow, just choose an option:

Option #1

#1. Start by creating your Google+ Profile with your personal information. Remember that your image matters, so if you already did a stunning profile, that’s a great job.

#2. Find the page and sign-up using your email. Verify the confirmation link sent to you.

how to link your content

Option #2:

Linking your content with your Google+ profile.

Linking your Content using Google plus

The steps are truly easy. By following it, you are on your way to boost your credibility plus Being a Distinguished Author of your own content.

Did you know that….?

You can measure your “Author Stats” using the Webmaster Tools.

You can see the frequency or the number of times your content have been shown in Google Search Results. Seeing the impressions and clicks.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 1.25

To see these data, you have to go to the page. Most importantly, you have to log-in using the Google+ profile username and password.

How important the Author Stat data?

It provides you information on which posts or pages will need improvement.
It gives you data of posts having higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate). These data will give you a hint on why there are plenty of visitors entering to such particular posts or pages.
It also shows the value of Bounce Rate. The higher its percentage means that the page of post needs improvement.
The data brings awareness to webmasters that giving quality content and creating a unique user experience is a must.

Webmasters, bloggers, and other writers for the web should take advantage of Google Authorship. You have nothing to lose if you are going to verify your authorship. What you will get are pure advantages as it opens you to lots of opportunities. Some of its benefits are:

Being acknowledged as a credible author.

Giving your content in search engine a personalize touch – It provides your content with an ideal first impression to the users.

Boost the power of branding – It helps you promote your brand especially on the publisher or company’s part.

Empowering more engagement between the author and the users – Social interaction contributes greatly to valuable traffic.

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