How Google Custom Search Engine Can Boost Your SEO Strategies?

Google Custom Search allows you to create a personalize search engine for your website. There are a lot of things you can do with Google Custom Search. It can be beneficial for you in searching for websites and images with customized look. You can dictate the ranking and even generate money through Google Adsense Account. You’ll have the overall power over your search engine.

Google CSE will allow you to see pages and domains of websites you have specified. Through it you don’t have to go for and see all results and filter it manually. It will show you the things you only need.

The process is simple. You just have to follow the steps:

Using Google Custom Search Engine 

You need to have an account with Google. Then, go to

1. Enter the Sites to Search, then enter create to make a search engine for your site.

Site to search

2. Get the Code and Embed it on your Website

get the code

Example: When you are going to search for a topic on the search engine that you have created like for example I am going to search about organic SEO, here are the results. You can sort it by relevance and date.

custom results

It allows you to see what you have already published in your website. You can paste the code to the page where you want the custom search appear.

You can further customize your search engine with through the following features:

Search engine keywords: used to tune the search results

Edition : You can have it free with ads or upgrade it with no ads or it is optional

Sites to Search: You can further add sites to search

Image Search: You can turn it on in order that image can be added to the customized search results

Language : You can filter the language used

For Advanced Search

• Transliteration: Your search result can be translated on the chosen language

customized more

Google allows wide customization of custom searches. Yet, how can this feature help you in your SEO strategies?

• Mine Your Competitors Pages

◦ Through other tools such as OpensiteExplorer you can have a grasp of your competitors backlinks. With GSCE you can check your competitors domains and websites. It will give you a full view of how the website is presented and the contents of it. From then you can analyze how at par your websites are with them.

Or just like what Paddy Moogan have introduced on his post about using Google Custom Search Engine for SEO.

• Understanding Trustworthiness of your website

◦ If you would think about it, the Google custom search engine is showing your chosen website’s archives. If it can be easily crawl in personalized ones, you are rest assured that Google has trusted this webpages, to appear on their results.

• Evaluation of Your Own Pages

◦ Custom searches mimic the Google SERP. You can see the title tags that will let you evaluate if your website’s appearances in search results are compelling to be clicked when searchers see it.

What’s New?

Google wants you to enjoy your own search engine so it provide new look. It announced custom search new look for its control panel:

The first Google custom search was that you will have to open a public URL to see the changes you have made but for now,it will already give you a full view of your custom search engine. The panel at the right is the place where you can test your results before finally getting the code and pasting it to your webpage.

Secondly, you can now have better themes for Google CSE. From a dull and boring theme like this,

Look and feel

you’ll have choices from this,


At your own search engine you can manifest your creativity in terms of choosing the look of your website. When you paste it to your website you can generally get a better impression from your searchers as they won’t need to look over the pages.

Aside from developing the new styles, search box is made robust and consistent auto complete that adheres to Google’s standards. For some who have not set their Google custom search to auto complete, they should change it to accommodate updates.

As you can see Google is doing everything on their end to show the performance of your websites. You have to make use of these available resources to find out how far you have been in SEO. Through this you can also tell the status of your website and can make conclusions as to why it performs high or low in

Have you tried this one? Share your experience below.

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