What SEO Benefits can Google’s Disavow Tool Offer?

seo benefits of disavow tool

As promised after writing my first post about the disavow tool , here’s another one: my views about its SEO benefits.

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At first…

When the link warning messages were sent in the previous months, there are a lot of website owners who panicked and might have even thought that it was already the end of SEO for their business. It was one experience that’s not worth remembering for a lifetime. That causes a great loss of money, especially when the sites horribly dropped down from the SERPs of Google, and when the “Delete Companies” have generated huge incomes from the webmasters who hire them for the removal of unnatural links.

Then with the Newest DISAVOW TOOL…

Would the same situation happen again in the future? If it will, how worst it could be? Yes, take note that there will still be Penguin and Panda updates, but with Google’s Disavow tool, the “expensive” consequences will never happen again. It will outlast the challenge of the rules regarding the issue of unnatural links. Why? Simply because it can remove those kind of links which may cause a site to be penalized by the search engine.

As you probably know, when your site is safe from penalty, you can secure your business’ success in the web since Google has more than 60% of the search market. The new threat, however, is the update about the “Negative SEO”. It’s the practice of other webmasters that involves building harmful links pointing to your site. Thus, when you’re not aware that your site has such links, you’ll just get surprised one time that it is already dropping down from the ranking or is being penalized by Google.

SEO is still Alive….

Worst thing is, the unnatural links which your site have gained from others can’t be easily removed since, often times, the administrator who did it to you is unwilling to remove them. That is why the long-waited Google’s Disavow Tool is a big hope to resolve this problem. How? It will remove the harmful links pointing against your site. This is one proof that “SEO is still alive”, and not dead as other businessmen would think because of the problems which were not resolved before.

Some website owners might have also been thinking of just leaving the world of optimization, and take new chances in online advertisement. It’s certainly one wrong choice that should be avoided; nothing is over in the huge opportunities offered by organic rankings because the online population continues to grow, and users would always seek for unique and substantial features and this is where the search engine optimization still enters. Always remember that in this world there are always development and thus SEO still evolves and you can see that quality is a priority. SEO is not just about linkbuilding it’s about enhancing a website and making it helpful to its future users.

And SEO services can further be enhanced because of…

Disavow tool benefits

• Removes Unnatural Links – unlike before that you’re being bothered and threatened because you can’t remove those links tagged to you, or those you can hardly remove from your site, now with disavow tool, you already have something which will do the complex job for you. It’s quite simple and easy to use, but, of course, you still have to identify the unnatural links that you desire to be removed by the tool. You can follow the process we have provided in our previous post here.

• Avoid the Cost for “Delete Companies” – since the tool is offered by Google for free (all you have to do is to download the latest links), you already have nothing to worry about paying other people to remove the unnatural links for you. Just be patient in waiting for the response of the tool, and you’ll certainly spend no more.

• Ensures the Safety of Site from Negative SEO – Matt Cutts had already mentioned about this practice since June this year; it’s perhaps because one purpose of the tool is to resolve such issue. And finally, when it came out recently, many have been hoping that negative practices as such would be lessened, if not totally eradicated.

• Outlasts Penguin and Panda updates – the new updates become a problem only when they’re contrary to what the webmaster is doing in the site, and usually, in terms of the unhealthy links, many websites are always victimized by the wrongful or unethical practices of others. But the disavow tool now is believed to be one best instrument in overcoming the updates.

Let’s clear it…

Nevertheless, another one crucial question caused by the misconception of some users and website owners is whether or not SEO is a spam. Well, doubtlessly, NOT for a number of indisputable reasons. But I think the explanation of Matt in the following video is more than enough:

(Remember this one the previous webmaster videos of Matt Cutts)


There’s really nothing else could be said about the search engine optimization other than being a great tool for the success of the businessmen who wanted share it’s uniqueness and value to the online community. Don’t quit because SEO never quits in enhancing and developing a site than can be helpful to everyone.

This one is just my opinion but if you have one, please share it below.

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