What is the Google Display Network and Should You use It?

Google Display Network

Now you have to determine, should you be using the Google display network?

You are probably questioning if the low quality traffic is even a good expense. There is a trick to this. You need to balance how much you pay with this type of traffic so that you make the most profit. For example, if on average, your search network ads cost two dollars ($2) per click and the display network ads only cost forty cents per click, in theory, you will be getting five clicks on the display network for every one click on the search network. You may find that by paying forty cents per click, you can get decent conversions when compared to cost per sale. You can back out of a profitable bid on the display network, making it more useful.

balance pay and website traffic

Another reason to use the display network is branding, or to get your name and brand noticed. If you are looking to gain more attention for your business then the display network may be a good idea. This is simply because you can bring more people to your site for less money (lower bids).

Get Your Brand Be Notice

Regardless, the first rule is to NEVER have one campaign that is opted into both the search and display network. I explained above how they are so different and have different values, so it’s wise to just keep each network in a separate campaign and keep things clean and less confusing.

The display network has some useful exclusive features, such as “remarketing”. This is a simple tool to continue showing your ad to a person who has visited your website as they go to other pages on the Internet. Without getting into too many details, it works like this: when someone visits your website, Google will tag them as one of your visitors. Then, when the person goes to other sites that do show Google ads, then your tag will be recognized and they will see your ad. This is called remarketing and it is exclusive only to the Google display network.

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