Why Google Doesn’t Index your Site?

Google was not indexing the pages

Another interesting story from Google and it is a must to share it here. As a webmaster or a website owner it is ideal if you know how Google look at a website especially in reading or indexing your site. Of course one of our goals in SEO is that to maximize the visibility of a website. What if you have seen that your website is not indexed by Google? Are you aware of the reasons? Or have you fully understand your mistake why Google doesn’t index your site?

Of course there are lots of questions arising when it comes to site’s visibility in Google. You have to truly explore and analyze your website when you have seen that it is not indexed by Google. In the previous post I have shared that in order to rank higher on major search engines it is essential that you know that Google is properly reading your website but in this situation the big issue is that why Google don’t even mind adding your website on its database?

Thanks to Barry Schwartz for sharing Google’s answer, to the contributors and also to Google’s John Mueller for answering the posts at Webmaster Central. It is actually about indexing problem of a website .

And here is the post of Editor99 about their website problem:

Editor99 post

Major points raised:

• Received “Success-URL submitted to index using the webmaster tools feature: “Fetch as Google”.

• Google Webmaster Tool showed that it has indexed 6-8 pages but the problem is that when he is going to check it using “site:” operator it never showed up in Google search.

• Last Year only home page was indexed but there are still ranks on some of its keywords.

• The domain was stagnant and maybe according to him it is because of 404s volume that Googlebot gets.

• No Crawl Errors found on GWT

• No site-map was submitted since GWT is showing the correct number of pages indexed, Fetch as Google is successfully reading on its URLs and no block URLs under health.

One of the Top Contributors Ashley raised these points:

Reasons for not indexing:

• Low Quality Content

• Tons of backlinks pointing to the site (Spammy ones)

Google’s John Mueller’s answer:

JohnMu post

Although he did not give the real reason why it happens like when he is going to access the site it is returning an empty page, he is going to forward it to the team that will re-check it since there might be a technical problem in this case.

Generally, unless the page is not spam, they are going to index it wherein it should not be spun / rewritten or scraped content, it must always have an added value. And this only proves that quality of content still matters.

As a SEO Expert, the important points in this case are:

• It could be better if he submitted sitemap of his site, in that way Google can fully understand his pages.

• Quality of Links Matters

• Quality of Content also Matters

In conclusion, Google has keen eyes for both spam and quality websites thus, it will not disregard your website if it contains content that would be beneficial for users. If your website is not seen on search results page, it’s not that Google neglected it but because it is not worth indexing. You have to trace where you messed up, take corrective measures and see the results afterwards.

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