How Google Fights Off Invalid Activity in AdSense?

How Google Fights Off Invalid Activity in AdSense

As Google team recognized the vital role of the publishers being the lifeblood of internet, they did not also forget to remind all those involved in AdSense about the invalid activity for which they are trying to prevent and/or eliminate to make the search experience more meaningful for the users and to encourage more investors. And along with this issue is the current steps which are taken to make the process or on how they consider an activity as invalid more transparent and by giving the webmasters more opportunity to recover from suspension in lieu of termination.

But how all of these are taking place? Are there guidelines which everyone should follow to avoid getting suspended? Google is somewhat more comprehensive and serious in fixing the said matter, and in the post written by Jonathan Bellack, Google’s Product Management Director, the team even acknowledged the fact that although there are many publishers who use AdSense in good faith, but there are still other some nuisances that cause the problem to occur. Yet, the team also admitted that they cannot reveal all the tools that they are using to eliminate bad sites or traffic from the network.

Fortunately, they have made changes which can really help resolve the issue:

• Providing More Details about Invalid Activity’s Causes – this is one great innovation that the Google team has currently made, and, thus, if you are able to know the cause of the problem, you would likewise ascertain what solutions to take. And yet, another advantage is that when they have detected a violation to the policies, you will be notified or informed including the instructions through email. But if you want to read all about the causes of invalid activity before you even receive a notification, just click this link

• From Termination to Suspension – Google team has really become more lenient as to the penalty for the violation, and it likewise considers the lost which the site owners may be having if it is directly terminated. Thus, when an invalid activity is detected on the trusted publishers, they will suspend it and give them time to resolve the invalid traffic issues. Nevertheless, worth to mention that Google team had used the adjective “trusted” in describing the publishers who will be given such alternative.

• New Tools for Quick Action – with the new tools of Google given to the publishers, it is believed that the resolution to the said issues may be made more quickly. And it is just dependent to them on how to act on the matter immediately after being informed of the problem.

• Bigger AdSense Academy – reviewing the do’s and don’ts for the ad traffic has also been made easier by Google as it expanded the AdSense Academy that serves as a main guide on how the publishers should properly use it and correct any problem relative to its use.

• Keeping Webmasters Informed with Video Series – to help the publishers avoid committing errors all over again, Google team also said that they will be releasing or posting video series in which they are explaining why some policies have come out and on how to bear with them.

Notably, it is likewise good to know that Google team wants to work with the publishers as their partner in keeping the AdSense network strong, and the best way of doing that is to keep their accounts in good identity while protecting the advertisers from being victimized by any kind of fraud. And it is obvious that the aforementioned changes are what they think could effectively guide the publishers and advertisers to make sure that they are always in harmony with the rules or guidelines, and also that their interests are both served fairly.

Nevertheless, as the activities in the web change, it can be expected that months or years from now, there are another new updates from Google which are undoubtedly intended to make the AdSense more useful and transparent.

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