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google hit thousand of link sellers

We have been wary about big flux on rankings and if Penguin algorithm has been rolled out. Yet, Google didn’t confirm anything. What is confirmed is Google took action on thousands of link sellers. Matt Cutts tweets confirm that they tackle link networks that violate guidelines and even those under paid-link-services that pass PageRank.

“Tweets of Matt Cutts”

Google WebSpam team is truly unstoppable and still working to wipe out spam.

Even before this has been undertaken, Matt Cutts foretold that they will be looking closely to link networks. What are link networks anyway? It is a group of sites that are connected. It can be owned by one or multiple people. Building link networks is like building SEO on house of cards. One of the major concerns of link networking is that websites where you might be connected are pretty low in quality. You can’t avoid duplicate contents, low quality cross-linking between sites and duplicate social signals. Link networks are not for free therefore when you are caught joining it, your site will be in danger due to buying link scheme.

Link selling or link buying is prohibited by the Google as it will simply manipulate ranking results. However, link networks sometimes may not be known to website owner.

Here are some indications when your website has been connected to a link network:

• Usually have similar type of templates used
• No Contact Information to be found
• Same IP Addresses
• Same Google Analytics number or Google Adsense used (same tracking code installed). To check for this info you can use this free tool: http://www.ewhois.com.


You can also find the qualities of a link network here.

Also,webmasters would send you email notifications if your site has been into link networking. When an email with 10 or more sites, someone tells you that new sites you can look, and a webmaster send you lists of sites even if you don’t know it, you must have been participating in link networks.

Although Matt Cutts confirmed that there is no Big Penguin Update last week but we must be prepared for it and be sure that we are not going to be slap by a Penguin. Before Google get into your site and penalize it for link networking; you have to cut connections with low quality websites. Apart from what is already taken by Google, we are expecting a bigger Penguin update. Surely, it will include concerns on link networks. So, it’s time to look over your backlinks and check if there is something you messed up with. Learn from penalties taken by SAPE links and BuildMyRank.com link network.

As an SEO Expert I always believe that it always depend in our hands if what would be the outcome of a website, is it for betterment of end up with the worst (penalized). It is also in our hands the answer for survival. Since in every strategy created, we must always consider the webmaster guidelines.

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