Google Link Disavow Tool: The Answer for Penalty Removal

google link disavow tool

Are you also confuse if you are going to use Google’s Disavow Tool if you are hit by an Algorithmic update like Penguin or what if it’s a manual penalty?

I just want to share this article based from Webmaster Central Google+ hang-out hosted by John Mueller and Search Engine Land of Danny Sullivan discussing about Google disavow tool helps penalized website. It’s actually an update for our Google Disavow Tool series. It is simply telling us that: Yes, it can be the answer for penalty removal. As a SEO Specialist this is one of the important guide that we need to consider.

Here is the the hang-out video:

We all know that there are two types of penalty and these are algorithm and manual penalty. And there are actually confusion on how to use the disavow tool. Thanks to John Mueller of Google for sharing the video, it is a kind of inspiring since you still got have the solution on how to recover from the types of penalty, although in manual penalty, Google’s disavow tool is not only the answer but it can be one of the solution for recovery.

Google’s disavow tool can now be defined as tool that can help in putting no credit to links or simply telling Google not to count the links as votes for the sites. That is why you have to be…

Careful Disavowing

It takes time before Google can disavow your uploaded file for disavowment. It holds to the principle that Google has the right over facilitating or not the disavowing process especially if it feels no reason to trust them. Google will have to recrawl each of the link so it will take time before it will take effect. Matt Cutts also emphasizes that though there is a reupload option if there are changes in the links you wanted to disavow, links should be properly chosen because it will take another time if you wish to “reavow” disavowed links.

Disavowing links is the same as giving a “no follow attribute” to the specified link. It means it will be ignored by Google. It will be a link without any credits for Google. Disavowing links are useful especially if you have been sent a warning letter from Google. Once you have found out that there are unusual activities on your site, you have to take an action because unnatural links are grounds for penalties.

So, what’s the process if you are hit by an Algorithmic Update?

Since Algorithmic Update is an automatic penalty, how can the disavow tool be helpful in removing the penalty. It can be used in removing bad links pointing to your site. So based on that video, there are 3 major steps to see the effects of disavowing links:

  1. Cleaning Up for Bad Links Using the Disavow Tool
  2. Waiting for Disavow File to be processed which takes several weeks
  3. Wait for the Next Algorithmic Update to Happen to see the effect of Disavow tool

It only means that your disavow file will have its impact on the next algorithm update just like if you are hit by Penguin 3, you are going to wait for Penguin 4 to see its effect. So with algorithm penalty, you need to wait and that’s why patience for waiting is a virtue.

Another situation, what if you have file for disavowing of links few days before the Algo update?

It is not going to be processed, since for the step 2 you have to wait for the disavow file to be processed which takes several weeks. Again it is another time constraint. We have to wait for it to be processed. And take note based on Google Algorithmic penalty has Expiration where in it can take a few weeks or just a few months but based on some it can take about a years or it can expire naturally.

What if you are manually penalized what can be the contribution of the disavow tool?

This means that there is a human intervention in checking your website wherein he sees links pointing to your sites that violate the guidelines and sent you a warning message for that. Therefore, how you can use the disavow tool?

In this case you need 3 things:

  1. Disavowing links
  2. Sending Link Removal Request or Removing the Bad links in your own way
  3. Filing for Reconsideration Request

They will only see you disavow links, if you are going to file for a reconsideration request, since it will make a human re-check your site. And if he sees enough, or you have totally clean your site against bad links that means that you are free from the penalty.

Have you ever used the Google’s disavow tool? Please Share your experiences below.

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