Google on What’s Worth in Having Guest Blogging for Links?

google on guest bloggingHaving many links in a guest blog article is perhaps common among the webmasters who believe that it can increase the site’s traffic and ranking, and generate more leads without even being aware of its value and effect to the search engine. Does it really count to have more links, or it’s just too risky to have them? You can answer this directly if your site had also dropped down from the safe ground after you’ve violated the rules of the search engine. But if you haven’t yet, then the “revelations” of Matt Cutt would certainly help you in understanding the value of your links in guest blogging.

Are they poisonous? Of course, not. But your site will be in danger if you have a lot of links in one “crowded” article. Matt says “too extremes” aren’t what Google wants; it’s as if he wants to emphasize that it’s not worth to have a deluge of links that are not congruent to the guidelines. Would it affect your ranking if you dare to do so? Obviously! Why? It’s quality versus quantity.

If you have a quality article in a blog site, for instance, you would expect that the engine will reward you for that. But what would you expect if the quantity of links outweighs the value of your content? That was not explained, but it seems that such undesirable practice will devalue everything including your hope for higher ranking.

Here are the important points of Matt when asked about the value of links in blogging for Google:

• Quality Guest Blog Article is what Google Needs – as always have been and will always be, “quality” is on top of the priorities of the search engine. Hence, if you have links in quality articles, then you can have no doubt as to its good outcome to your ranking. It was implicit in his statement that, in guest blogging, the main focus is still the readers, and not the links. Stick onto it, and you’ll have no regret!

• Links in Poorly Written Articles Seem to have no Value – why should I pay your poor service? This sounds like the principle behind the algorithm rule. It seems that Google can hardly give credit to those links in poorly written articles. Why? Because they will benefit no readers, and cannot help achieve Google’s goal? That’s exactly what you can think of the moment you analyze the “tenor” of the issue. And, in the first place, how was a scrap article accepted by a blog site? Perhaps, and again, because the site itself is not quality? Think about it!

• Comments from Reliable Authors Count – Matt says if your article can catch the attention of prominent personalities in the web, then that’s “a little bit” for your identity as the author and for your site. The reason is obvious: the presence of those users can also attract more followers to come into the site because they would immediately believe that what’s in there are reliable. Do we have the same analysis?

• Too Much Links are Unhealthy for the Site – we have already experienced how our site dropped instantly after having many links in a guest blog article. We’ve mentioned that in our previous post, and we don’t want you to have the same experience. It’s only a misconception to assume that many links means good traffic and ranking. No! Google isn’t blind to let the webmasters deceive the users. Limit your links and place them on the right place; it’s simple to follow, right?

So, have you learned something from Matt as we have had? It’s not the number of links that matters for Google, but the quality of article in which your links are placed into. And don’t ever forget that links have no value unless you give value on what you do and follow what the search engine requires!

You can watch Matt’s video below:


P.S.: What’s more valuable, the identity of the author or the quality of the content? Let’s ask Matt for that!

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