Google SERP Shows Multiple Results from One Domain

SERP Shows Multiple Results from One Domain

SEO has been really unpredictable. You have to always consider what the SEO experts are teaching us about right SEO. It is important to keep abreast of SEO competition. However, just to turn the table around after knowing about Google’s hit to thousands of link sellers, Matt Cutts here again to elaborate how the SERP show results. A question from a pseudo character who branded himself Blind Five Year Old from San Francisco, California.

multiple pages question

Does it truly benefit if you are going to have multiple pages on search results? And why does this kind of results show up?

Have you noticed such scenario? For example you keyed in query for “meta descriptions”.

multiple pages

You can actually see results coming from my blog page. And through the video of Matt Cutts, he will explained why this thing happen and why this is a natural one.

So, how was this explained by Matt Cutts? You can have a full video of Matt Cutts explained below.

But to save you from the confusing statements of Matt Cutts, here’s how I understand what he said.

Before according to Matt Cutts, Google has no restrictions at all, they’ll just simply score things and therefore it is truly possible that you will see same pages in search results for a domain wherein it is truly a bad experience.  All your pages can appear in the SERP yet it happened that they implemented “host clustering” that limits 2 results from a subdomain.  And this one is truly interesting since they can see people manipulating the search results because they see that they can able to make 2 pages visible per hostname or ending up in crowding the SERP (turns out to be a problem). They kept on changing it yet users seemed to be dissatisfied and a lot of complaints were received. So, they decided to make it this way. You can able to see progressive results from different domains and it will be harder to multiple pages from one domain. Diversity is the aim for this move. What about the rule for multiple pages?(And this one is going to be added in the future.)

“If a domain contains multiple pages that are considered as the best match for a query, it will be shown on the first page but it will not be shown again in the latter pages. It will avoid redundancy and will fulfill Google’s aim for diversity of results.”

Matt Cutts also said that multiple results from one domain will still be shown if these pages contain the information needed or perfectly match a certain query.

Therefore, we can conclude that, multiple results even if it came from one domain are shown for the benefit of the users. Searching for a restaurant in Tennessee can give you better information if the multiple pages of that domain provide better content where users can really rely on.

This is another Webmaster help video from Matt Cutts which can truly boost understanding of every SEO Expert in terms of search engine results wherein you will end up highlighting about relevance of information or content matters.

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