Will Google Penalize the Sites with Spammy Guest Blogs?

Google spammy guest blogs penalty

google on spammy guest blog sites

Guest-posting or blogging is not just about having links for optimization purposes as most beginners in SEO may presume, but also something that is very powerful for the promotion or awareness of the business into other sites. It can attract new prospects and convert them into potential clients who may likewise become the marketers of the brand or product to their peers through an interactive online discussion related to the post.

However, the outcome of guest blogging is not always high traffic or ranking for a certain site especially when it violated the Google’s webmaster guidelines regarding the right quantity and placement of links. This is perhaps because the webmasters have assumed or believed that the more links they have, the better the result would be for their site without knowing that it may only become the reason for their site to be penalized. That is really something which every website owner does not desire to have, and our previous posts about the issues of guest blogging may be of great help for you to safeguard your sites:

What if Your Site get Devalued with Guest Posting?

The primary reason why a site may be devalued is because of having too much links in one guest post article, and the secondary reason may be that the links are put into the low ranking sites or those with spammy contents.

But to sum up the important points, the common practices that usually result to this outcome are the following (1) Linking to bad neighborhood, (2) Keyword stuffing, (3) Having hidden contents or cloaking, (4) Duplicate or spun contents, (5) Unrelated keywords for one content, (6) Malware distribution, and (7) Many links in one article.

Why Guest Post or Not in a Certain Site?

Another issue is what kind of site in which your links are safe and can produce favorable outcomes for your own site. Apparently, you have to choose those which have good ranks and with no spammy contents or with existing unnatural links because these are the signs of the good sites that are following the webmaster guidelines.

Nevertheless, there was recently a new query to the Google, specifically, if it takes action on spammy blogging activities. But, as we can still recall the previous answer of Matt as to the worth of guest blogging for links, the answer is implicitly clear that the links have value when they are informative and helpful to the readers, and it takes action by monitoring those who violate the guidelines.

That is exactly congruent to our former post “Google on What’s Worth in Having Guest Blogging for Links?” There we have emphasized that quality guest post blog article is what Google needs or what counts a lot for it, and the poor ones seem to have no value.

And now there is another crucial question related to the guest post blogging:

question on spammy guest blog

What is the Answer of Matt Cutts?

Guest blogging is a business between the site’s owner and the one posting on it, and, as Matt explained, both of whom may get affected whenever Google detects the “low quality” or spammy contents being accepted and posted in a certain site. He specifically said “Yes” Google is willing to take action on the websites which have not only unnatural links, but also poor contents that are not valuable to the users. Matt had emphasized these two significant points:

• Having Poor Guest Blog is a Bad Indicator of Quality – Poor guest blog is the one which is not valuable to the users either because of its spun content or is posted on the low-ranking and spammy site. It is often resulted from the inaction of the site owner to check the value of the content and the unethical practice of some webmasters who are only after the links that they can acquire and not to the satisfaction of the users.

• Spinning and Low Quality Syndication can Affect Site’s Reputation – spinning or syndicating content from another source is technically not favored and is a violation to the guidelines. The reason why if a site has this kind of content, it can really build no good identity for Google and may likewise affect its ranking. Thus, in the previous video of Matt, he advised that the author should add his own insights or other valuable inputs to the information he has got from other sources to ensure that the content will have value to the search engine and the users.

You can watch the full video of Matt below:

It is logically obvious that if you are violating the webmaster guidelines regarding the guest blogging your site will certainly acquire no good traffic and ranking, and may only be subject to the PENALTY.

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